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Microcyber's WirelessHART solution is all you need

By FieldComm Group

Jul 10, 2015

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Microcyber's WirelessHART Development Toolkit provides all the tools for evaluating WirelessHART protocol network performance, as well as the modules for device integration and application development. WirelessHART Development Toolkit products comply with the WirelessHART protocol specification (IEC62591), and have ultra-low power consumption, high real-time performance and higher reliability.

FCGI MicrocyberWhat the Toolkit provides:

  • WirelessHART module is compact and can be embedded in multiple kinds of devices.
  • Multifunction development board helps customers evaluate and develop WirelessHART devices in an efficient time.
  • WirelessHART gateway is in charge of up to 500 devices and offers the IP65 protection level.
  • The User Interface Library helps customers develop their own products quickly.
  • The Multi Transmitters Program configures and monitors devices at any time during development and construction.

For more information, visit the Microcyber website.