Industrial Ethernet / Optimization

What Will Drive Efficiency in the Factory of the Future?

Source: Smart Industry

By Katherine Bonfante

Mar 18, 2015

A report published by Smart Industry says that the future of manufacturing plants will be based on the efficiency capabilities smart tools are bringing to the table.

Bringing the Industrial Internet to hand-held devices on the factory floor, enhances productivity, production quality, and work safety.

Theresa Woodiel, National Instruments' Global Campaign Manager, Embedded Systems, recently spoke with Smart Industry and talked about how the company is helping Airbus optimize their factory floor. They are upgrading Airbus's sensors, software and data technology, putting the power and control on individual workers' hands. Smart tools are a key element in the process, communicating with both the factory-wide infrastructure, with the individual worker, and with other tools.

Read the entire report.


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