Industrial Ethernet / Vibration

Designing and testing networking devices for harsh environments

By Jeremy Pollard, CET, Control Design

Jan 18, 2016

In the process industry it is very important to test all equipment before they are placed on the plant floor and set in place to run the processes our industry depends on. When it comes to devices for harsh environments, the design, testing and implementation of these is much more crucial. Things can go wrong quicker in hazardous environments and the safety of our workers, equipment, processes and plants is key.

Jeremy Pollard, CET for our sister publication Control Design, got the opportunity to see first hand how networking components are tested for temperature and vibrations at Siemens' RuggedCom. Since 2002, RuggedCom designs and builds high-quality networking and communication products for various industries. At the recent plant tour, Pollard met with RuggedCom's general manager, Joerg Freitag, and learned about the impact of the company's products in the industrial space.

Included in the product demonstration Pollard experienced was a video of an open-frame Ethernet switch in operation while the Navy ship where it was located shot off some large-caliber rounds. Our writer was impressed to see how the boards in the switch  flexed, but even more so with the device ability to continue working in perfect conditions even after the loud and powerful vibrations of the caliber rounds were shot off.

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