Don Bartusiak receives Control Process Automation Hall of Fame award

Apr 17, 2016

CG 1604 Hall Of Fame

Don Bartusiak, chief engineer for process control at ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, received his 2015 Control Process Automation Hall of Fame award from editor-in-chief Paul Studebaker following his keynote address at the recent ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Fla.

During his career, Bartusiak has made significant contributions to the theory and practical applications of advanced control, evidenced by numerous technical papers, and by three of his four patents. In 2011, he won an AIChE Computing and Systems Technology (CAST) Division Computing Practice Award for innovative industrial application of nonlinear model-predictive control to polymerization and petrochemical processes and for multi-faceted interactions with academic researchers.

"My current position has two main components: to set a very forward-looking technical strategy that will make ours the best company in the world and to foster the next generation of technologists," says Bartusiak, who also stresses the importance of mentoring.

"The way Exxon Chemical's engineering group was set up, people on the technical ladder have to also train and mentor the less-experienced. It's the way we learned to work. We're expected to impart our knowledge, to train and develop."

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