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Nord Drivesystems delivers biggest gearbox

Feb 09, 2017

Nord Drivesystems reports it recently supplied the world's largest gearbox with a one-piece housing to ensure high load-bearing capacity and reliable performance for a 1.25 mile long mining conveyor in Morocco. Nord's SK15407 Maxxdrive is mounted on a swing base with a 600-HP motor. The gearbox has a torque rating of 2 million lb-in, and can moves loads of several hundred tons.

Its Unicase housing prevents leaks, and it has a compact design with high radial and axial load capacity. The configuration includes an electric drum brake and sheet metal safety panels. The safety panels protect operators from moving parts, while simultaneously directing cool air toward the gearbox to optimize the unit's working temperature. Nord reports its solution achieves high work safety and reliable operation.