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10 batch control resources you need to see

Dec. 22, 2022
Control's monthly resources guide

Basic explanations

This online article, “ISA-88 (S88) batch control explained” by Peter at PLC Academy, covers all the essentials, such as the process model, stages, operations, actions, physical model and levels, procedural control, ISA-88 model relationship, batch control concepts and controls, commands and exceptions handling.

PLC Academy

Making cookies with ISA S88

This 45-minute video, “Simplifying the batch standard ISA S88 by making cookies 1” by Dave Bartlett, senior automation manager at No deviation Pte Ltd., introduces viewers to the S88 framework, its history and the need for a standard, and how to understand, design and establish batch procedures. 

No Deviation Pte. Ltd.

Procedures for continuous

This online article, “Batch process automation can make continuous processes run better” by Bill Wray, engineering consultant and first chair of the ISA95 committee, shows how sequential procedures can be used for continuous manufacturing processes, and how to plan and design with them. 

International Society of Automation

Designing controls for batch

This 47-minute video, “ISA-88 batch control design,” by James Sexton, explains all models of the ISA S88 standard, including its physical, equipment entity, process and procedural models. It also covers three types of control, recipes and complete procedures. It’s at


Control fundamentals

This seven-page article, “PLC batch process control design and implementation fundamentals” by Khaled Kamel of Texas Southern University and Eman Kamel of PLC Automation, discusses the core techniques used in specifying, designing, and implementing a PLC batch process with an Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC and LogixPro simulator. It also covers safety, redundancy, interlocking, input data validation and safe operations. 

Journal of Electronics and Informatics

Recipe, execute and monitor

This 11-minute video, “Batch process demo with the batch procedure module” by Tom Hechtman, president of Sepasoft, demonstrates how to use its software in conjunction with Inductive Automation's web-based HMI/SCADA software to manage a batch manufacturing process, including the recipe, execution and monitoring procedures.

Inductive Automation

Automating chemical

This online article, “Achieving consistently reliable batch processing to spec” by Del Williams of Processing magazine, shows how Kraton Corp. is automating procedures for greater operator control and visibility, minimizing human error, and improving quality and productivity. 

Processing magazine

Analyze, tune and optimize

This classic, 71-minute video, “Batch process control—unique challenges and opportunities” by Control columnist Greg McMillan, shows how to analyze batch data, elevate the role of operators, tune key control loops, and set up simple control strategies to optimize batch operations. The presentation concludes with an extensive list of best practices. 


Extended reach achieved

This online article, “Batch extends its reach with ISA-99 methods” by Jim Montague, executive editor at Control, reports how system integrators Grantek and Bachelor Controls, as well as several end users integrated ISA-88 to improve production processes. 


Best of before

This online article, “Best batch bits and pieces,” includes all the entries and links from Control’s 2020 resource guide on batch.


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