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Data analytics find time

Sept. 21, 2023
End users and system integrators are using data analytics to shorten the distance between raw information, useful intelligence and added value

Who’s going to do all the chores associated with data acquisition, filtering aggregation and making it consistent, so analytics experts and software can make sense of it? Well, just like always with process automation and control, its developers and users specialize in labor-saving devices to streamline tasks and save time, labor and money—and data analytics is just another batch of raw materials to process.

Integrators guide users to analytics and models

Day 1: System integrator Patti Engineering helps users decide where to process data, and how to test to develop higher-resolution, more predictive simulations.

Fill the skills gap—with spying

Day 2: System integrator Arthur G. Russell take advantage of “off to the side” signals.

Rewire remaining personnel for best analytics practices

Day 3: Maverick Technologies retrains petrochemical plant staff in managing their Aveva OSI PI software.

Standardized software let users scale up analytics capacity

Day 4: Flow Software uses common definitions and Phoenix Contact controllers for processing data from multiple locations.

More sensors enable better modeling for run-of-plant equipment

Day 5: Five Koch Ag & Energy facilities use 125 Monitron IoT vibration and temperature sensors from Amazon Web Services. Users configure and monitor them with the Monitron app on their smartphones, and use Seeq’s collected data to model equipment behavior and diagnose issues.

The usual (analytics) software suspects

Day 6: An updated but incomplete list of the primary data analytics software packages and tools.

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Jim Montague is executive editor of Control. 

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