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9 resources to help you master modeling and simulation

Feb. 2, 2022

Simulink for rookies

This 54-minute video, "MATLAB – Simulink tutorial for beginners" by Ryan Ahmed, instructor at Udemy, covers all the basics concepts of the simulation building software, which lets users model and graphically simulate mechanical, electrical and hydraulic processes with libraries of reusable software blocks. The video also presents three Simulink projects. 

Udemy Inc.

Modeling for CAP post

This blog post, "Fundamentals of process modeling for ISA Certification of Automation Professionals (CAP) tips" by Control columnist Greg McMillan, covers process modeling in the Guide to the Automation Book of Knowledge, which is the primary resource for the ISA Certification of Automation Professionals (CAP) program. 


Validate and verify

This 26-minute video, "Validation and verification of simulation models" by Dr. P.M. Pathak of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, covers the basic concepts and methods for determining that simulations of systems—from water tanks to computer programs—are correct and reflecting what's actually happening in reality. 

IIT Roorkee

Blog post, book by Blevins

This blog post, "Process simulation—part 1" by Terry Blevins at ModelingandControl.com, provides a brief introduction and link to his and colleague Mark Nixon's book, Control Loop Foundation, which has a three-part chapter on process simulation, including techniques for adding a process simulation to a control system, developing a process simulation starting with the piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID), and simulating process non-linearity. 

Modeling and Control

Verify controls with models

This five-page whitepaper, "Plant modeling: a first step to early verification of control systems" by Arkadiy Turevskiy, technical marketing manager at the MathWorks, show users how they can employ simulation to verify equipment, process and plant designs before hardware prototypes are developed and built. 


Slides from Stanford

The 40-slide deck, "Lecture 9—modeling, simulation and systems engineering" from Stanford University's class archives provides an overview and puts in context many process simulation concepts.

Stanford University

Learning by teaching

This 48-minute video, "Teaching MATLAB and Simulink modeling and process control" by Zuyi (Jacky) Huang, assistant professor at Villanova University, focuses on how to teach students using the "inverted classroom" format, but it also covers many of the methods for using MATLAB's Simulink software to solve ordinary differential equation (ODE) models, perform Laplace transforms, and design PID controllers. It's located at www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCQt2nnM1mA s

APMonitor Communty

Model-based is simple

This post, "Simple, model-based control," by R. Russell Rhinehart, is an excerpt from an InTech article. It covers non-linear control, process models of flow rates, mixing, generic formats for model equations, modeling perspectives, multi-input/single-output (MISO) process model-based control, Q&A section, and a link to the larger article. 


Professional development

This article, "Simulation enhances career and system performance" by Control columnist Greg McMillan, shows how simulation provides a deeper understanding of systems, and can foster outside-the-box thinking that aids professionals as well as systems. 


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