Extreme Makeover, Edition

Aug. 5, 2008 Revamps the Homepage. We’ve Dumped Our Pre-Web 2.0 Look
By Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

Lately our homepage was looking old and somewhat jumbled. ControlGlobal’s editors continue to work hard developing new ideas, projects and relevant material about the latest industry trends, and tempting you to click and read them. But the old home page stopped us from accomplishing this goal—bringing you the information you want in a user-friendly and modern fashion.

Cyberspace is what we have, and our main goal remains the same, to continue expanding our process automation library, but the old lacked organization and a bit of what I call “web appeal.”

Just as a house does, a website needs maintenance and upgrades. It was time for us to do some house remodeling. If you haven’t seen the new look of our homepage, visit us online at

After a series of brainstorming sessions with our web designer Brandon Downing, we asked him to develop a design that included moving boxes, interactive spaces, new icons, colors and logos, fading text and other useful and visually pleasing elements. Brandon became our Web Hero, and produced the home-page look we are now most proud to present to you.

We’ve dumped our pre-Web 2.0 look, and at the same time, continue to provide valuable information, too.
Our new home page offers a gliding-top features box, displaying the week’s most important articles at the top. Below this box, we positioned our multimedia box, which displays our latest videos and podcasts. There’s no need to leave the home page and browse our videos on another page. You can do it right on our welcoming screen. Farther down, we grouped our interactive pages in our community box. From there, you can access our three blogs, our editors’ columns, wiki, Ask the Experts page and our monthly web poll.

We have also made our four resource centers—Control Platforms, Software & Integration, Field Instrumentation and Industrial Networking—more prominent. Here, we group articles, news, whitepapers and products, which helps users find specific information or without leaving the home page. Check these resources online, and read the latest content we have at each resource center.

Now more than ever, we are very excited about all the changes our cyber home has undergone. Visit us online, browse our new look, and send me an email letting me know what you think of our new page. 

White Papers

Building MES Applications with S95
This paper describes the development and introduction of several MES-modules in a manufacturing plant.

Business Driven Systems Migration
Traditional approaches all have one thing in common, they’re exciting for engineers, but not the business.

Composite Batch Report and 21 CFR 11
New technologies bring a step change in the availability, flexibility and quality of data for reporting.

Download PDFs of these white papers at

Special to the Web

How To Be a Contender
This Control/ARC podcast features ARC Vice President Dave Woll discussing what it takes to be a contender as a 21st-century automation professional manager or team member.

PAT System Reliability
Site-wide analyzer system reliability requirements.

Online Poll
How many automation and controls trade shows do you attend each year?