Books for success in the process automation industry

Feb. 1, 2005
Covering the world of automation, instrumentation and control, these industry books available from ISA are authoritative, thorough, and written and reviewed by experts. See the extensive array of books selected by our Editors and available through that are designed to help students, professionals and practitioners succeed with today's automation challenges.

Advanced Control Unleashed: Plant Performance Management for Optimum Benefit
Proven control methods for engineers working in the advanced control industry are presented by four seasoned practitioners who bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Advanced pH Measurement and Control, 3rd Edition
This comprehensive treatment of applied instrumentation and control covers all the bases and is presented to more fully educate the industry in basic theories and technologies.

Advanced Temperature Control
A step-by-step approach for analyzing all of the factors that affect the control of temperature loops, including major sources of measurement errors, this book is packed with information on improving control of temperature loops. The book also focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of new methods for feedback control.

Analytical Instrumentation
The volume describes analyzers from the systems side looking at implementation issues including justification, purchasing, training, and validation. Specific analyzer types and the fundamentals of application for a variety of situations are explored.

Applying S88: Batch Control from a User's Perspective
This book offers an introduction to ISA-88 as well as expert insights into applying it. Jim Parshall and L.B. Lamb’s clear, lighthearted style makes this the ideal introduction to ISA-88 for control engineers, project engineers, technicians, operators, information technology professionals, engineering or IT supervisors, and mid- to upper-level managers.

Automation Network Selection
With many projects requiring more than one network application, finding the network that best fits your needs is no easy task. This perspective will help get you started on the right path.

Automation Unplugged: Pinto's Perspectives, Pointers, & Prognostications
If you have heard industry pundit Jim Pinto speak, you'll enjoy his new book. It's loaded with critical analysis of the changing face of industrial automation; predictions about future automation technology trends. The book has a special Introduction by Dick Morley, noted technology guru and father of the PLC.

Automation, Systems, and Instrumentation Dictionary
This reference encompasses not only specialized vocabulary unique to instruments and control systems, but many terms from other engineering disciplines as well. Ideal for engineers, managers, salespeople, technicians, students, and technical writers, this volume is packed with practical information.

Basic and Advanced Regulatory Control: System Design and Application, 2nd Edition
This newly revised best-seller teaches the practice of process control for the wet process industries. It stresses the study of real, imperfect processes rather than system theory and gives guidance on how engineers can best apply their own experience, intuition, and knowledge of the particular process.

Basic Math for Process Control
A practical tutorial on the mathematics essential to the process control field, written by an experienced process control engineer for practicing engineers and students. A quick-and-easy review of the mathematics common to the field, including chapters on frequency response analysis, transfer functions and block diagrams, and the Z-N approximation.

Batch Control
Readers already familiar with batch control will find that the chapters on expert system techniques, advanced control, modeling and simulation, and batch control in a CIM/MES environment are valuable resources. Topics like scheduling, equipment selection, configuration, and safety are valuable to all readers.

Boiler Control Systems Engineering
This book is for anyone who works with boilers as a utilities manager, power plant manager, control systems engineer, maintenance technician or operator. The information deals primarily with water tube boilers with Induced Draft (ID) and Forced Draft (FD) fan(s) or boilers with only a FD fan. The book also contains some of the primary requirements for a Burner Management System. 

Bottom-Line Automation
The author explains a strategy for measuring and improving automation system performance for the ultimate goal—the bottom line, and provides case studies of how such a strategy was implemented in three process manufacturing organizations. The author brings over 30 years of industry experience, education, and research together in this unprecedented work.

Bungee Jumping & Cocoons: The Dual Nature of the Industrial Marketplace
This book sheds some light on how to get beyond the crossroads we are seemingly at - in terms of industrial maturity, economic transition, and societal metamorphosis. Venture into this dual world of extreme fantasy adventures and isolation and be prepared to alter the way you think about the future. But first, you must take the headlong leap into the abyss – the bungee jump.

Calibration: A Technician's Guide
This comprehensive review of calibration provides an excellent foundation for understanding principles and applications of the most frequently performed tasks of a technician. Topics addressed include terminology, bench vs. field calibration, loop vs. individual instrument calibration, instrument classification systems, documentation, and specific calibration techniques for temperature, pressure, level, flow, final control, and analytical instrumentation.

Cascading Logic: A Machine Control Methodology for Programmable Logic Controllers
Learn how to create a functional machine control program for industrial equipment that is sequential in nature. This book is intended to provide you with the confidence you need to reach decisions and move forward with certainty that the program is performing as intended without odd combinations of logic causing unintentional actions.

CCST Study Guide Level I
Designed for technicians, the CCST Study Guide provides assistance in preparing for ISA’s CCST Level I Exam. Divided into four domains (calibration, loop checking, trouble-shooting, start-up), the study guide parallels the structure of the exam. Each domain addresses a number of procedures that are essential in order to perform a specific activity.

CCST Study Guide Level II
The Level II Study Guide provides a selective, representative sample of questions like those that make up the Level III CCST examination. This guide includes questions and answers that reflect the difficulty of the Level II exam. The questions are divided into the seven performance domains covered on the exam: calibration, loop checking, troubleshooting, start-up, maintenance/repair, project organization, and administration.

CCST Study Guide Level III
The Level III Study Guide provides a selective, representative sample of questions like those that make up the Level III CCST® examination. This guide includes questions and answers that reflect the difficulty of the Level III exam. The questions are divided into the seven performance domains covered on the exam: calibration, loop checking, troubleshooting, start-up, maintenance/repair, project organization, and administration.

Certified Automation Professional (CAP) Study Guide
The CAP Study Guide is a comprehensive self-study resource for the Certified Automation Professional (CAP) Certification Exam. The Study Guide contains a list of the CAP domains and tasks, 50 review questions and answers complete with justifications. References that were used for each study guide question is also provided with the question.

Certified Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (CIMM) Study Guide
The CIMM Study Guide is a comprehensive self-study resource for the Certified Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (CIMM) Certification Exam. The Study Guide contains a list of the CIMM domains and tasks, 50 review questions and answers complete with justifications. References that were used for each study guide question is also provided with the question.

Condensed Handbook of Measurement and Control, 2nd Edition
Selecting and implementing measurement and control devices for process automation applications is made easier with this best-selling reference. Newly updated, this clear and concise handbook provides quick access to ISA symbology, instrument and control valve selection criteria, and conversion guidelines, with new sections on analyzers, programmable electronic systems, alarm and trip systems, control centers, enclosures, and engineering documentation.

Control of Boilers, 2nd Edition
A classic resource that helps reduce boiler operating costs through a detailed, comprehensive, and applicable explanation of all aspects of boiler processes. It presents the basics of boiler control, the interrelationships of the process characteristics, and the dynamics involved, with significant emphasis on start-up, shut-down, flame monitoring, and safety interlock measures.

Control System Documentation: Applying Symbols and Identification, 2nd Edition
This updated ISA classic provides the symbols and identification commonly used throughout the process industries. It contains sample P&IDs and numerous examples of symbols and tagging concepts. It provides most of the symbols and identifiers that are unique to instrumentation and gives practical examples of their use.

Control System Safety Evaluation and Reliability, 2nd Edition
This book provides a collection of tools to help the control engineer evaluate the safety and reliability of automated systems. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Reliability Block Diagrams (RBD), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Markov modeling methods are described with many examples. Reference material including sample failure rates, a glossary of terms, probability math review and data tables are supplied in a number of appendices.

Control Systems Engineering Study Guide 4th Edition
This new edition, a downloadable PDF File, is for use in preparing for the Control Systems Engineering (CSE) examination. The manual provides candidates for this professional engineer license with information about the scope and design of the CSE exam, sample questions, and resources for further study.

Control Valve Primer, 3rd Edition
Insights on valve sizing, smart (digital) valve positioners, field-based architecture, network system technology, and control loop performance evaluation. The author, a holder of 118 patents in control valve technology, shares his expertise on designing control loops and selecting final control elements.

Control Valves
Solutions to problems involving the body assemblies, actuators and accessories of control valves, as well as an overview of valve design and construction, this reference book includes discussions of applications, safety, troubleshooting, maintenance, testing, standards, valve-related computer programs, and regulators, as well as specific considerations that should assist instrument engineers in the selection of the best valve body, actuator and accessories for their applications.

Dispersing Heat Through Conviction: The Funnier Side of Process Control
An insider’s collection of original satires and jokes from the men and women behind the tanks and valves and digital readouts.

e-Business in Manufacturing: Putting the Internet to Work in the Industrial Enterprise
This book looks at each part of the enterprise—from sales and marketing to manufacturing and logistics—and shows how enabling real-time interaction can result in a significant increase in revenue while at the same time produce a leaner, more efficient organization.

Electrical Instruments in Hazardous Locations, 4th Edition
An encyclopedia of electrical safety, this latest edition features expanded treatment of theory and principles to provide a foundation for addressing some of the questions that arise when no standard or regulation exists. Also includes more practical examples of applying principles in real situations, including global operations and applications

Fiber Optic Sensors 3rd Edition
In this third edition of his best-selling book, D.A. Krohn has added three new chapters and updated eight others to give the reader an overall background in fiber optic sensors and new information on market opportunities and wavelength–modulated sensors…a must have for product design engineers, system design engineers, plant engineering/maintenance staff, and anyone involved in measurement, testing, quality, and standards.

Fieldbuses for Process Control: Engineering, Operation, and Maintenance
This book is a must-have for system designers, control engineers and technicians. Even process engineers can benefit from learning about the capabilities of fieldbus technologies. It is ideal for both organized training courses and for self-study and will remain a handy reference when configuring and troubleshooting systems.

Flow Measurement 2nd Edition
The industry’s most authoritative handbook on flow measurement - newly updated with added chapters on laminar flow elements, critical flowmeters, statistics for measurement, laboratory primary standards, and uncertainty in flow measurement, and substantial updates to 15 other chapters.

Flow of Industrial Fluids - Theory and Equations
This book provides context - both theoretical and practical to all those who wish to understand fluid flow. The book’s purpose is to link fluid flow theory to practice in sufficient detail to give its chosen audience an understanding of both theory and practice.

Foundation Fieldbus: A Pocket Guide
This guide, written by control systems engineers with extensive Foundation Fieldbus installation experience, provides quick reference information on the Foundation Fieldbus H1 protocol, installation tips, and other useful information that design engineers, control system engineers, and instrumentation technicians need to know about Foundation Fieldbus when meeting with a vendor or client, and while managing an installation at a job site.

Fundamentals of Industrial Control, 2nd Edition
This new enlarged and updated edition of a best-selling classic provides a unique balance between control system theory and effective application, covering every major control system element, from sensors to final control elements, in the context of overall control strategies and system design. Contributing subject experts give time-tested, practical advice on the application of each system element.

Fundamentals of Process Control Theory, 3rd Edition
ISA’s all-time best-selling book is now available on a fully indexed and searchable CDROM. With the book and the companion CD, it's easier than ever to teach yourself the complexities of process control theory. This classic has been praised for its clear presentation of the principles of process automation and its excellent overview of advanced control techniques. More than just a reference book, it’s a complete course on the subject, with exercises and answers to work through.

Fundamentals of Process Instrumentation
You’ll find this self-study package invaluable for gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of process control instrumentation. It is ideal for newcomers to the field who need a basic understanding of process instrumentation. Instrument technicians, electricians in a multicraft environment, operators, and sales engineers will benefit from this program.

How to Become an Instrument Engineer, Part 1.523
Humorous essays, enjoyed by instrument engineers around the world – making your day more enjoyable one story at a time. Illustrated with original cartoons by Ted Williams.

How to Become an Instrument Engineer: The Making of a Prima Donna
A timeless collection of humorous essays, enjoyed by instrument engineers around the world – making your day more enjoyable one story at a time.

Industrial Data Communications 3rd Edition
This new edition of an ISA Press best seller gives technical professionals who have little or no background in data communications the knowledge they need to understand, troubleshoot, and maintain both legacy and leading-edge systems. The text emphasizes practical functional aspects of common systems rather than design criteria. It includes a complete description of relevant terminology, standards, and protocols.

Industrial Ethernet, 2nd Edition
This revised best-seller is a convenient installation, troubleshooting, and reference tool on one of the hottest topics in automation and process control. It will help you understand important Ethernet and TCP/IP terminology and provide important information about the new industrial protocols. You will quickly gain a solid grasp of Ethernet basics, the constraints of the industrial environment, and the specialized requirements of machine control.

Industrial Flow Measurement, 3rd Edition
Designed to help practicing engineers avoid costs associated with misapplication of flowmeters, this newly revised text reviews the important concepts of flow measurement and provides explanations, practical considerations, illustrations, and examples of current flowmeter technology. This book will help experienced engineers, technicians and others evaluate the appropriate criteria rationally to arrive at the proper flowmeter selection.

Industrial Network Security
This "special to the web" book, available from, provides an introduction to the field of industrial network security and a tutorial on the basics of IT cybersecurity, physical security and personnel security.

Industrial Pressure, Level, and Density Measurement
Techniques and devices for level, pressure, and density measurement for various process conditions and measurement demands are covered in this comprehensive guide for technicians and engineers who design, install, calibrate, troubleshoot, and maintain instruments. Installation requirements, selection criteria, calibration procedures, and accuracy are addressed.

Instrument Engineers’ Handbook, 3rd Edition - Process Software and Digital Networks, Vol. 3
The third volume in this three-volume set, this best-seller provides an in-depth, state-of-the-art review of existing and evolving digital communications and control systems. Appendices provide practical information such as bidders' lists and addresses, materials selection for corrosive services, and more. Encompassing all aspects of process software and digital networks, this is a volume that engineers will reach for again and again.

Instrument Engineers' Handbook, 3rd Edition - Process Control, Vol. 2
This volume - the most complete and respected work on industrial process control - helps you understand control theory; controllers, transmitters, converters, and relays; control centers, panels, and displays; control valves, on-off, and throttling; regulators and other throttling devices; PLCs and other logic devices; and DCS and computer-based systems.

Instrument Engineers' Handbook, 4th Edition - Process Measurement and Analysis, Vol. 1
This volume updates the previous edition to incorporate the latest developments in automation and control and broaden its outlook to a global perspective. With a chapter devoted to each major area of measurement technology, the handbook includes topics such as the detection of flow, level, temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, weight, composition, and safety sensors. Includes contributions from approximately 100 leading industrial and academic professionals. Covers sensors, detectors, analyzers, and other measuring devices introduced since publication of the third edition.

Instrumentation and Control Systems Documentation
This book provides the reader with knowledge needed to understand and apply the symbols and documents used to define a modern industrial instrumentation and control system. This book will train you to read, understand, and apply the symbols and documents used to define a modern industrial instrumentation and control system. For more experienced professionals, insights into using the symbols and documents more effectively are provided.  

Instrumentation for Process Measurement and Control, 3rd edition
Introduces the fields of process measurement and feedback control, bridging the gap between basic technology and more sophisticated systems, for students and professionals. Mathematics is kept to a minimum throughout sections on feedback process control, pneumatic and electronic control systems, actuators and valves, control loop adjustment and analysis, combination control systems, and process computers and simulation.

ISA Certified Automation Professional Job Analysis Study
The ISA Certified Automation Professional (CAP) examination program is designed to assess competence in the automation professional. Passing scores on the examination indicate that the Certified Automation Professional has achieved a level of ability consistent with requirements for competence on the job.

ISA Handbook of Measurement Equations and Tables
Packed with valuable information, this handbook provides the essentials for choosing the proper selection, installation, and use of measurement devices. A timeless reference source used by thousands.

Logical Thoughts at 4:00 A.M.
A classic book of humor…The History of Instrument Engineers in America, Part II; Neat Things to Do in a Big Corporation; Self-Test of Batch Controller Configuration Knowledge; Books We Really Need; Some Wonderful & Nonwonderful Things Computers Will Do; Phone Tag for Fun & Profit.

Loop Checking: A Technician's Guide
This technician’s guide defines loop checking in the broader scope of control loop performance in addition to the more traditional terms of the plant startup. It discusses general methods and practices that can be applied across many processes/industries. Featured topics include: loop checking basics, factory acceptance testing, wiring and loop checks, performance benchmarking, and sustaining performance.

Maintenance of Instruments & Systems, 2nd Edition
This new enlarged and updated edition of ISA’s best-selling maintenance handbook provides comprehensive coverage of maintenance requirements for pneumatic and electrical/electronic devices as well as expanded coverage of DCS systems, analytical instrumentation, fiber optics, and smart instruments. Coverage is organized by devices to make finding the information quick and easy, making this an excellent reference for both the novice and the experienced technician.

Measurement and Control Basics 3rd Edition
Ideal for classroom use or self-study, this best-selling text has provided thousands of students, technicians, salespeople, and others with a practical introduction to the technologies, systems, and strategies involved in industrial measurement and control. The third edition takes the same proven intuitive approach of previous editions in covering process control basics; electrical and electronic fundamentals; digital system basics; pressure measurement; flow measurement; level measurement; temperature measurement; analytical measurement and control; final control elements; and process control computers.

Measurement Uncertainty, 3rd Edition
Literally an entire course between two covers, this best-seller gives engineers and students a comprehensive tutorial of measurement uncertainty methods in a logically categorized and readily utilized format. The book is designed to serve as a practical desk reference. The author draws on years of experience in industry to direct special attention to the problem of developing confidence in uncertainty analysis results and using measurement uncertainty to select instrumentation systems.

Mechatronics Handbook - Fusion of Mechanics, Electronics, and Information Technology
The standard reference, found on the desks of engineering professionals around the world, that defines the state of the art of mechatronics - the fusion of mechanics, electronics, and information technology. The field’s leading practitioners and academics provide clear explanations to ensure that non-specialists can understand and use the information…concept statements, definitions, design, and analysis approaches, procedures, and methodologies.

Models Unleashed: Virtual Plant and Model Predictive Control Applications
Building on the knowledge and the goals of the best-selling book, Advanced Control Unleashed, this portable pocket guide goes beyond theoretical concepts and provides new insight into the implementation practices after the objectives have been defined and the technology decisions have been made.

Motors & Drives: A Practical Technology Guide
Drawing on over 20 years of experience as an instructor and developer of technical support and training materials for major drives manufacturers, the author of this practical reference introduces engineering concepts of motors and drives in a way that can be easily understood by both engineers unfamiliar with the technology and technicians who are technically literate but not accustomed to complex theory and mathematics.

Motors & Drives: A Practical Technology Guide-Instructional Supplement
This series of PowerPoint slides and lab exercises is an excellent structured tutorial useful for self-study or as an instructor tool for classroom instruction to understand the concepts of motors and drives. This downloadable, self-executing zip file is 8.24 MB in size and contains 16 Word files and 8 PowerPoint files.

Out of the Barn
This easy-to-read compilation of a series of articles, authored by PLC inventor Dick Morley, covers eight entertaining topical sections, including floor level control systems and the history of the programmable controller.

PID Controllers: Theory, Design, and Tuning, 2nd Edition
Modeling methods, implementation details, and problem-solving techniques are presented to help you improve loop performance and product quality. The book examines the auto-tuning and adaptation features of several commercial controllers, including digital PID controllers, and it discusses measures for dealing with specific challenges such as reset windup, long process dead times, and oscillatory systems.

Practical Project Management - Learning to Manage the Professional
This book focuses specifically on techniques proven to be effective in the instrumentation and automation field. Starting with an overview of what every project manager needs to know, this book serves as a practical tool for the instrumentation and automation professional. It defines each unique phase of a project and then provides practical knowledge in areas such as budget and cost estimates, contracts, negotiating, team building, scheduling, and choosing project management software.

Practical Thermocouple Thermometry
This book gives readers a resource for selecting, installing, and using devices after only a few days of study. Drawing on original research, along with broad knowledge of other literature in the field, teacher and engineer Kerlin presents a rich hands-on approach to the subject of thermocouple thermometry, while staying focused on those aspects of the subject most applicable to industry.

Preventive Maintenance, 3rd Edition
This new enlarged and updated edition of a best-selling classic shows how the investment in a preventive maintenance program repays a company in longer equipment life, smoother operation, planning, and scheduling. It includes enhanced techniques and insights along with new chapters dealing with computerized PM systems.

Process Control: A Primer for the Non-specialist and the Newcomer, 2nd Edition
The elements of process control and measurement are described simply and with examples so that even a non-technical person can understand the essential principles. This 2nd Edition introduces new topics and discusses recent developments in the field of process control, including a new chapter on fuzzy logic.

PROFIBUS: A Pocket Guide
A simple and convenient reference to enable engineers and technicians to quickly retrieve the essentials for successful understanding and deployment of PROFIBUS. Also useful for engineering management seeking a summary understanding of Profibus. Illustrative figures and technical tips are provided for quick reference.

Programmable Controllers, 4th Edition
This newly revised edition of Programmable Controllers discusses all phases of programmable controller applications from systems design and programming to installation, maintenance, and start-up. Used as a resource by thousands of technicians and engineers, this applications-based book provides a clear and concise presentation of the fundamental principles of programmable controllers for process and machine control.

Safety Instrumented Systems Verification – Practical Probabilistic Calculations
This book clearly explains how to do probabilistic calculations to accomplish SIL verification for safety systems. Starting with a description of the safety lifecycle, the authors show where and how SIL verification fits into the key activities from conceptual design through commissioning. The book not only explains the theory and methods for doing the calculations, the authors also provide many examples from the chemical, petrochemical, power and oil & gas industries.

Safety Integrity Level Selection -- Systematic Methods Including Layer of Protection

This book describes a systematic method for selecting safety integrity levels for safety instrumented systems (SIS). This method emphasizes accounting for existing layers of protection. This reference demonstrates the application of quantitative risk analysis techniques and tools to the problem of safety integrity level selection.

Safety Shutdown Systems: Design, Analysis, and Justification
This book is ideal for instrumentation and control system engineers in the process industries who are responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining safety shutdown systems. Managers, sales professionals, technicians, and engineers employed by end-users, engineering firms, system integrators, and consultants can all benefit from the material presented here.

SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, 3rd Edition
This newly revised "special to the web" reference book available from the ISA offers overviews of SCADA's component technologies, as well as details necessary to understand the big picture.

Sell More Through Effective Technical Presentations: A Pocket Guide
This easy-to-read, portable pocket guide provides helpful tips and real-life examples on how to give effective technical presentations from a sales perspective. It will help you become a more competent speaker and let you face a crowd with confidence.

Sensor Performance and Reliability
This book helps you understand how to objectively assess the accuracy, response time, residual life and other characteristics of installed instrumentation and offers a practical means to identify the problems, assess their consequences, and help resolve some of the problems.

Smart Sensors
This one-of-its-kind book offers a self-study course addressing all the facets of sensor applications. Filled with examples of applying various materials technologies, this book also provides a wealth of information from theoretical and practical perspectives. Individual learning modules include sensor technologies, sensor manufacturing, sensors and artificial intelligence, and much more.

Software for Automation: Architecture, Integration, and Security
This implementation-oriented book provides a clear and concise presentation of how to fully apply software in automation. It provides "how-to" information for all phases of the system lifecycle from configuration, system integration, troubleshooting, and engineering, to administration.

Start-Up: A Technician's Guide
The author explores and explains the crucial role of a technician in this process. This book offers you a clear overview of typical start-up responsibilities. From the first team meeting to the last round of tuning and loop checking, Diane Harris uses her extensive experience with process control plants to walk you through the issues and skills typically required. Each chapter includes self-study learning objectives, practice questions and exercises, answers, and listings of relevant standards.

Successful Instrumentation and Control Systems Design with CD
This book and CD-ROM combination provides in-depth coverage of the design process, the elements of a successful project, the specific issues to address in a well-designed instrumentation and control (I&C) system, and the engineering products that enable practical design and successful maintenance.

Troubleshooting: A Technician's Guide
This book provides examples of trouble-shooting problems in mechanical systems, process connections, pneumatic systems, electrical systems, electronic systems, and valves. He explores calibration, programmable electronic systems, communication circuits, transient problems and software.

Tuning of Industrial Control Systems 2nd Edition
Suitable for beginners, this book takes a practical but systematic approach to tuning. The aim is to provide insight into tuning procedures rather than a series of formulas to be memorized. The author gives helpful rules of thumb to speed the learning process during field training.

Understanding Distributed Processor Systems for Control
This book addresses the challenges of the process control effort, recognizing that factory automation systems are no longer isolated entities and that the systems and their functions are indeed merging. The book is intended for those readers involved in factory automation systems as well as process, including readers who are already experienced and knowledgeable about distributed processor systems, but may not necessarily be exposed to the technologies and issues discussed in industry.

Variable Speed Drives: Principles and Applications for Energy Cost Savings, 3rd Edition
This new edition of a venerable classic incorporates the additional insights of the author over the past decade and helps practicing engineers learn about the technical and economic potential of this technology. It presents the electrical, hydraulic, chemical, and instrumentation information necessary to technically evaluate and economically justify variable speed drive applications.

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