Kisters' 3DViewStation V2014.1

July 21, 2014
Software Has Modern User-Interface, High Performance 3D-viewing and Digital MockUp (DMU)

KISTERS has released 2014.1 version of the 3DViewStation. The KISTERS 3DViewStation has a modern user-interface, high performance 3D-viewing and Digital MockUp (DMU), current and mature CAD-importers for i.e. Catia, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, JT, 3D-PDF and STEP plus a reasonable set of functional tools to view, analyze and communicate 3D-data as i.e. STEP, JT or 3D-PDF.

3DViewStation V2014.1 ships with a fresh Office 2013 compliant user interface and provides functionality, which can be leveraged by the user quite intuitively. The focus of the latest developments has been set to Catia 2D-drawings support, large format printing and undo.

Catia 2D drawing support has been added to KISTERS 3DViewStation after many customer requests. This is the beginning of adding more 2D file formats - 2D-PDF will be the next. Drawings as well as 3D parts or assemblies can be printed now, even on large format printing devices, including grid, markups and stamps to i.e. add printing time or document name, if desired. The undo-function, now allowing to undo selections, color changes, movements, dimensions and more have also been requested.