Siemens APACS+ OS

Oct. 22, 2010
Step-wise modernization with APACS+ OS

The APACS+ OS is Siemens' latest operator station (OS) software for any APACS+ system. This software has the tools already included to migrate the 4-mation database to the new OS. Existing ProcessSuite, APS, or Wonderware graphics can be migrated to the new OS as well.

Built on the PCS 7 OS platform, the APACS+ OS gives you the flexibility to continue to use your APACS+ controllers while modernizing the top end to a PCS 7 platform.

Benefits of using this modernization option:

  • Step-wise modernization without rip-and-replace, allows you to change on your own schedule
  • Maximize the lifecycle of your existing APACS+ Controllers, I/O, and field wiring
  • Take advantage of PCS 7 features like enhanced trending, historical archiving, and enhanced security for your existing APACS+ system