MiMiC v3.3 makes simulation easier

June 3, 2010
Mynah Technologies announces the release of its MiMiC Simulation Software v3.3 for operator training and automation system testing. MiMiC Advanced Modeling Objects, released in MiMiC v3.3, is a set of rigorous first-principles, dynamic models of process plant unit operations designed for high-performance simulations for operator training or automation system testing. The MiMiC Advanced Modeling Objects License provides:Medium-high to high-fidelity simulation performance; Rigorous First Principles unit operation modeling using proven dynamic, real-time modeling methods; Easy handling of individual stream component physical properties using MiMiC Component Sets; Block-to-block communications of all parameters with one connection using MiMiC Streams; MiMiC OTM Process Snapshot support; MiMiC OPC Server Access to all model parameters; MiMiC Advanced Modeling Objects are IEC1131 blocks, configured in MiMiC Simulation Studio. Both off-line model building and on-line model viewing are supported.MiMiC Simulation Software is a dynamic process and I/O simulation solution designed for automation system testing and operator training. MiMiC is scalable from small to large projects, offering solutions for any process industry user. MiMiC works with many off-line process control systems, including Emerson Process Management DeltaV, Schneider Electric Unity and Quantum platforms, Previse ABB Simulator, Rockwell PLC’s and other automation systems that support the OPC or Open Modbus TCP/IP protocols.