Dynsim medium-fidelity simulation software

Feb. 23, 2010
Invensys Operations Management has announced the availability of its SimSci-Esscor medium-fidelity simulation solution, Dynsim Checkout. Available as part of the new Dynsim 4.5 software release, the solution provides the industry a new way to quickly identify, validate and resolve control and safety application design errors throughout the project life cycle, while addressing plant operator process-familiarization needs and clearing obstacles sucg as late-arriving design information.Medium-fidelity simulation provides a library of unit-operation models (valves, pumps, conveyers, reactors) similar to high-fidelity models, but requires far fewer engineering hours and less specialized expertise to configure and tune. The models can be auto-generated using industry-leading plant life cycle management software that features intelligent piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), thus dramatically shortening the time it takes to construct the model. The SimSci-Esscor medium-fidelity simulation solution also requires significantly less design data to complete the model, with P&ID and process flow diagrams being the key required information.Medium-fidelity models, while less complicated than high-fidelity, are also suitable for operator familiarization training, allowing operators to learn procedures "live" on the new control platform and to attain a level of knowledge that was previously impossible at such an early stage in the project. These models can be efficiently rebuilt many times throughout the life of the project and can therefore remain current with the latest control and safety designs.