Video monitoring for process plants

Nov. 4, 2009

ION Video frrom Apprion analyzes motion, tracks, counts and identifies objects, and delivers video intelligence from live video streams by performing real-time video data mining. The ION Video system makes this intelligence actionable by issuing alerts to appropriate security, safety and operational personnel, and archiving video for intelligent search, event correlation and performance auditing. With ION Video, plants are equipped with an intelligent, secure, reliable, low-cost way to significantly increase security, safety and productivity.

Core features of ION Video include real-time intelligent video analysis to:

  • Automatically detect and alert on intrusion into hazardous or secure zones
  • Analyze motion to detect and identify objects based on their size, speed, or color
  • Detect camera tampering
  • Recognize and identify human faces
  • Count objects entering or leaving a designated area

ION Video also includes a video archive which stores video events and makes them searchable via Apprion’s Intelligent Search capability. The video archive maintains these events based on the Apprion ION Data Historian settings, and allows search across multiple cameras or channels to reconstruct past events or incidents. For example, videos from several cameras that captured the events leading up to a spill incident involving the loading of hazardous product can be combined to reconstruct the incident for causal analysis.

ION Video is integrated with the Apprion IONosphere as part of Apprion’s ION System. This integration allows real-time video analytics to be combined with other ION applications such as ION Condition Monitoring and/or ION Asset Tracking to create individualized operational dashboards customized to the individual’s role in the plant. ION Video and the family of ION Applications provide manufacturing facilities with a single interface that  meets the application requirements for safety, security, engineering, logistics and maintenance personnel.