xConnector links equipment-performance info to OSIsoft PI

Sept. 9, 2009
SmartSignal, a partner of OSIsoft anda provider of predictive analytics for equipment health in the power generation and oil and gas industries, has announced the availability of SmartSignal xConnector.
SmartSignalCorporation, a partner of OSIsoft (www.osisoft.com) and a provider of predictive analytics for equipment health in the power generation and oil and gas industries, today announced the availability of SmartSignal xConnector.xConnector provides a comprehensive, bi-directional link between the PI System and SmartSignal EPI*Center predictive-analytics software. This link makes it possible for PI users worldwide to access the intelligence of SmartSignal directly in their PI tools. Using this link, PI users now can detect and diagnose problems across all critical rotating and non-rotating equipment and graphically visualize and analyze them directly in PI.xConnector is the culmination of a long-term partnership of SmartSignal and OSIsoft. The OSIsoft PI System a  operational and real-time data-management infrastructure, providing historical and real-time data and easy-to-use graphical tools. OSIsoft provides the data infrastructure, and SmartSignal provides the intelligence to analyze the data and detect and diagnose impending problems. SmartSignal analyzes, in real time, all the PI sensor data. SmartSignal identifies the “needles in the haystack” and notifies its customers of these problems only—thus saving them untold hours of searching data for problems and reacting to potentially false alarms.SmartSignal’s patented technology, developed and continually improved over the past 10 years, is used by leaders worldwide in power, oil and gas, and other process industries.