March 29, 2007
MES solution provides real-time data access

Sydney, Australia -- Citect announces the release of version 3.1 of its Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution, Ampla, providing real-time data access to promote effective planning and global operational improvement. New features in Ampla v 3.1 facilitate improved operational effectiveness and support continuous improvement strategies, such as Lean and Six Sigma, for organizations with plants in multiple countries. Ideally suited for worldwide enterprise operations, Ampla v 3.1 offers versions in English, French, German and Chinese and the ability to store display data, such as local date and currency formats, invariantly.

In addition to globalization, Ampla v 3.1 offers visualization enhancements for production costs. These enhancements further empower all staff to discover issues and drive improvement. Ampla also offers historical data processing (HDP) to provide more dependable data and operations metrics. All historical data is time-stamped and processed with the correct time the event occurred.