Canary Labs' Version 6.1 trending software

Feb. 23, 2006
Trending software for easier data management
Trending SoftwareVersion 6.1 trending software features data replication session configuration of historians, status of client activity and performance monitoring, and the ability to combine multiple data files for easier data management. It complies with the latest OPC standards and specifications, DA (Data Access) and HDA (Historical Data Access). Trend Historian acquires data through OPC servers and stores the data in a historical database that is designed to handle the volume of data generated by process applications. It also serves historical and real-time data to Trend Link or any OPC-HDA client application in addition to providing replication functions to other Trend Historian(s). Trend Calc is used to scale raw inputs into engineering values, compute data based on two or more different inputs, compute data based on historical data (hourly averages) and complex, multi-step calculations. Trend Export enhances exporting functionality to CSV or XML format and also has the ability to export from any OPC-HDA complaint server. The result output can be automatically formatted into Excel or other applications such as Crystal Reports. Trend Link is the power tool needed to view, analyze and report trend information. Trend Web is an internet browser viewer to access and view trend charts from anywhere in the world and at anytime.