Scientific Technologies

Feb. 2, 2005
Data monitor handles tough environments
Data Monitor
The Data Dolphin 220 Data Monitor operates in temperatures from -40 to 60 C. It has a 24-bit A/D that ACCEPTS analog-to-digital section to provide four differential bipolar inputs with resolution to 90 nV, which allows most sensors to connect directly without any signal conditioning. Four additional inputs allow the user to select pulse, status, event start/stop or analog capability.Applications include pump station monitoring, strain gauge studies, meteorological studies, interconnecting weir monitoring and wireless data-monitoring and alarming.  All inputs have static protection. 

An adapter input allows for 120 VAC operation, while three internal “C” size alkaline batteries provide backup to keep the clock operating during a power interruption.  An external 12-volt source such as a rechargeable battery and/or solar panel can be connected for backup power for external sensors and remote telemetry applications.  A wide choice of telemetry options including GPRS cellular, spread spectrum, WIFI-B are also available to provide a highly flexible data acquisition/monitoring solution.

The DD-220 stores data in a non-volatile, long-term flash, removable one-megabyte memory module to eliminate fear of data loss from dead batteries. Since data remains inside a database structure, inputs may be added or deleted easily without restarting the data monitor. The sample rate also may be changed without restarting.

Data Dolphin software makes data collection and programming easy. It allows the user to view the current data, set up the monitor, generate graphs and export the data to another system for more detailed analysis and presentations.