National Instruments' USB DAQ Series

Aug. 16, 2004
USB devices offer portable data acquisition
USB DAQ Series of Devices
USB DAQ series of products deliver COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) connectivity, portability and decreased system setup time. The new family of USB devices includes the DAQPad-6016 – 16-channel, 16-bit AI module, 200 kS/s max, two AO, 32 DIO, two CTR/timers; DAQPad-6015 – 16-channel, 16-bit AI module, 200 kS/s max, two AO, eight DIO, two CTR/timers; USB-9215 – four-channel, 16-bit simultaneous sampling AI module, ±10 V, 20 kS/s max;  USB-9211 – four-channel, 24-bit thermocouple input, ±80 mV, 14 S/s max; and the  SCXI-1600 – up to 352 channels, 16-bit AI module, 200 kS/s max. By using USB devices, engineers increase system setup and meet overall measurement system accuracy and reliability. The small size and easy connectivity of all  USB DAQ devices make them useful for in-vehicle data logging and environmental monitoring. They also are useful in academic settings where students and researchers must share hardware and labs. By combining the SCXI-1600 data acquisition module and SCXI Sensors' Plug&Play hardware, engineers can build a complete plug-and-play measurement system.National Instruments: