American Innovations' Wireless Monitor Systems

Nov. 22, 2004
Space-Age wireless monitor uses satellite system

AI's Bullhorn Wireless Remote Monitoring System is used in a wide variety of markets and applications. It monitors oil and gas, water and wastewater and agricultural industry assets such as gas meters, storage tanks, rectifiers and Cathodic Protection (CP) systems, compressors, storage tanks, lift stations, water samplers, irrigation systems, poultry farm equipment, generators and more. The Bullhorn series has a number of different devices capable of remote monitoring for scheduled and by exception in-bound reporting, as well as two-way communication with interruption for on-demand reads and activating/deactivating equipment. The units offer the ability to capture and send information from remote equipment easily and provide 100% coverage via digital cellular (GSM), LEOS satellite (ORBCOMM), and GEOS satellite (Inmarsat D+) communication systems.

Data from Bullhorn is available via the Bullhorn Asset Tracker (BAT) website.  BAT is a web-based, asset management application for AI's Bullhorn Wireless Remote Monitoring System, which monitors and collects data from oil & gas, water and wastewater and agricultural assets.   BAT enables immediate, in-depth visibility of unit status and alarms and provides a proven backend system to collect, store and report crucial equipment data.