CTC Parker's HMI Enhancements

Dec. 13, 2004
HMI enhancements make DAQ faster
HMI Enhancements
Enhancements in Version 1.91 of InteractX HMI include a boost in runtime performance, and more than 20 updates to communications drivers. Upgrade are free for current customers. Real-time data acquisition has been updated to automatically optimize the amount and efficiency of data being acquired from controllers. Runtime has been improved to update panels faster and require less CPU time.InteractX can run MachineLogic for Windows Slot Card, which is CTC's deterministic PC-based control solution that includes an OPC server capability. Other InteractX 1.91 features include enhanced ActiveX control support, Tag Editor updates, COMM Server updates and additional support for Ethernet drivers.InteractX's ActiveX support integrates HMI seamlessly with other, third-party applications such as DVT vision products. Also included with InteractX 1.91 are updates to many of the 45+ standard communications drivers that come with the product.CTC's InteractX provides unlimited tags, which can save users up to $1000 and more on many installations.InteractX runs on Windows/2000/NT/XP and Embedded NT operating systems and CTC's PX PowerStations, which can now run InteractX, and other fully functioning Windows applications, on their standard CompactFlash drives, potentially making a hard drive unnecessary.PX Series PowerStation workstations provide a bundled HMI solution for users who want higher Windows functionality along with a choice of 10, 12, 15 or 18 in. high-resolution touchscreen displays. CTC offers InteractX bundled into hardware/software solutions, specifically engineered for industrial applications. InteractX complements CTC's original INTERACT HMI software, installed in thousands of applications around the world.CTC will continue offering the original INTERACT package, especially targeting the dedicated HMI marketplace.“This combination lets OEMs tailor control solutions across the entire range of machine applications from one source and avoid the complexity of multiple suppliers,” he explained.