ABB's Industrial IT System

Dec. 10, 2004
HMI gets downright personal
Industrial IT System
The OperateProcess Portal interface in Industrial IT System 800xA provides personalized workplaces for users such as maintenance technicians, process engineers, production managers or plant operators.  A single window environment can include data from smart field devices, asset optimization functions, information management, batch management, safety systems, and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) applications. The enabling technology for this data access, storage, and management is ABB's Aspect Object framework. Aspect Objects relate all plant data, the Aspects, to specific plant assets, the Objects. This eliminates the cumbersome task of locating information spread between different people, locations, computers, and applications. Aspect Object navigation presents the entire production facility in a consistent, easy to view fashion. In other systems, data is presented without user context. This means that every user must evaluate and understand the same sea of data, and then root out the decision criteria before taking action. With 800xA Process Portal, each user's login defines the type and class of information required for timely and informed decision-making. Thus, System 800xA delivers much more than an operator console; Process Portal provides an intelligent and focused presentation, enabling rapid response.Optimal reaction requires real-time knowledge that an upset has occurred, or will occur. Process Portal provides notification through its audible and visual alarm and event presentation. Remote personnel are notified of critical events via mobile telephones, e-mail accounts, and pagers by 800xA's SMS (Short Messaging Service) and e-mail messaging service. Using GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) mobile phone technology, 800xA allows remote acknowledgement of notification and confirmation of receipt. System 800xA provides a complete set of operator functions that include realistic process graphics with standard faceplates, superior trending capabilities, intelligent alarm and event handling, production reporting and remote messaging. Complete functionality simplifies and streamlines operator interaction for more reliable control.Quick access with familiar web browser tools to displays and information is provided. Favorite places, history lists, short cuts and hot buttons provide navigation through a process production facility quickly and accurately. Use of the right mouse button provides access to additional details such as photos, operator instructions and maintenance information.Workplace layouts are adjusted and optimized to users' preferences and needs with individualized menus, toolbar contents and display locations. Windows management functions such as safe areas, pinning and stacking priorities minimize operation errors by prioritizing the presentation of important material.Information from ABB applications, other automation systems or even business systems is readily integrated into System 800xA on common displays. This single window provides users a much broader view of the facility and better information from which to make quicker, more informed decisions.