Rockwell Automation's Communications Module

Dec. 10, 2004
Deterministic communications module takes priority
Communications Module
The ControlNet Scheduled communications module provides deterministic, repeatable communication for the company'sPanelView Plus HMI and VersaView CE computers. Unlike unscheduled communications, which use leftover bandwidth as it becomes available, the scheduled module takes priority placement on the network's bandwidth, guaranteeing that a signal will transmit within a specified time period. This module supports true producer-consumer communications, which provide time-critical control and a high-speed link between controller and devices. Users will get the speed and efficiency they need for high-speed operations, where the speed of the response time must be faster, and repeatability guaranteed.PanelView Plusterminals with ControlNet scheduled communications can support more information than older PanelView models, with a messaging capacity of up to 6,144 bytes of input and output data to Logix, PLC-5 and SLC processors. ControlNet scheduled also supports multicast outputs, meaning that users linking multiple controllers to a PanelView Plus or VersaView CE can use the same communication route for each controller. This reduces set-up time and costs that would have been required in establishing a new communication route for each additional controller.