Automated Solutions' Communication Driver Software

Dec. 13, 2004
For drivers, ActiveX is out, dot Net in
Communication Driver SoftwareCommX.NET communication driversoftware uses .NET to support major industrial brands and protocols such as A-B, Modbus, GE, and Automation Direct, plusVisual Studio .NET and compatible development environments. Drivers can be added without affecting existing code or requiring special handling. The .NET library uses a tag database, so tags can be created, added to groups with a specified update interval, and can be synchronously or asynchronously read/written.In addition, advanced processing options can be applied to tags including deadband, scaling, alarming, events, and XML output.Another highly requested feature is the ability to use the library in all Windows target applications, including service, console, Windows Forms, and Web Forms. CommX.NET supports most .NET build targets and an embedded version is in the pipeline.CommX.NET drivers are self-contained; no third party driver purchase is required. Licensing can be fully accomplished online via the Internet or by telephone.