Emerson Process Management Safely Tests Transmitters and Valve Controllers

Dec. 10, 2004
SISsy HMI automates safety loop testing
Smart Safety Instrumented System
The Smart Safety Instrumented System provides automated safety loop testing of transmitters and valve controllers for IEC 61508, and SIL3 ratified safety systems. Safety data and alarms are presented on the company's DeltaV operator interfaces, stored in its historians, and passed to the AMS Suite for integrated documentation and management.For safety applications, smart SIS solutions provide assurance of a SIL3 approach that Emerson professional safety personnel and services organizations help customers plan and implement smart SIS solutions to comply with the new IEC 61511 safety standards. Expert services include assisting the customer with process hazard analysis and risk assessment, along with smart SIS design, implementation, and commissioning. Facilitated by PlantWeb technologies, the smart SIS solutions are easily integrated with mainstream Basic Process Control Systems to enable facility-wide overview, while maintaining separation of safety-critical elements as required by IEC standards. Intelligent components of the PlantWeb architecture that combine to deliver ease of use of Emerson's smart SIS solutions include the following:1.  DeltaV SIS systems that communicate with SIS sensors and SIS final control elements. This SIS system uses the same engineering tools and interfaces as Emerson's DeltaV digital automation system for process control, enabling the viewing of SIS system data from any system workstation.2.  SIS sensors such as the certified Rosemount® 3051S pressure and 3144P temperature transmitters, plus other flow and level measurement devices and analyzers. Other SIS sensors will be certified soon and are currently available for SIL3 safety applications based on "proven in use" experience.3.  SIS final control elements with partial stroke testing, including SIL-PACâ„¢ emergency shutdown valves (ESD) composed of Bettis, Hytork or El-O-Matic actuators and a certified Fisher DVC6000 SIS digital valve controller, combined with any manufacturer's valve to offer an integrated and tested unit. 4.  DeltaV SIS software that includes an exclusive palette of TÃœV-certified smart function blocks, enabling users to employ simple drag-and-drop techniques to accomplish tasks that required pages of coding in traditional safety systems.5.  AMS Device Manager software that documents and archives system configuration and all changes, as well as system health information and alarms.