Resource guide: Valves, actuators, positioners get moving

Jan. 26, 2021
Control’s monthly resources guide will get you up to speed on everything final control

Sizing, operations playlist

This series of 15 short videos, "Control valve basics" by Fisher Valves & Instruments, covers sizing valves for compressible fluids and liquid flows, pressure drops, bench set adjustment, and components of ball, butterfly, globe and plug valve.  

Emerson Automation Solutions

Chemical side coverage

This feature article, "Get smart about control valve positioners" by Jim Braxton of Badger Meter in Chemical Processing magazine, covers recent technology advances that improve performance and foster predictive maintenance, including design evolution, fugitive emissions, proper selection and upgrading. 

Chemical Processing

Basic training video

This 25-minute video, "Honeywell control valve basic training" by David Arneson, covers valve functions, pressure and leakage ratings, valve control, two- and three-way valves, types, sizing and common applications. 


Seven-part valve tutorial

This online tutorial, "Control hardware electric-pneumatic actuation" describes the basic components of different types of linear and rotary action control valves available for use in steam and water systems. It has seven chapters, including control valves, valve capacity, sizing for water systems, sizing for steam systems, characteristics, actuators and positioners, and controllers and sensors. 

Spirax Sarco

Actuators of all kinds

This classic 22-minute video, "Introduction to valves and actuators" from the Transmitter Valve Distribution channel at YouTube, covers the fundamentals of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators. 

Transmitter Valve Distribution

Experts weigh in on selection

In this online Ask the Experts column, "When to use positioners in flow control" by Control columnist Béla Lipták and his fellow gurus, show how to avoid one of the most common control problems by selecting the right valve positioner technology and application methods. It's at


10 reasons and terminology

This online article, “Basics of valve positioners” by Jake Spence at Crane Engineering, includes 10 reasons to install a valve positioner, covers their pneumatic, electric, electro-pneumatic and digital incarnations, and provides a link to download Crane’s “Ultimate glossary of valve terminology.”

Crane Engineering

Balls and butterflies

This brief, online guide, "Process control valves," delivers a series of good descriptions, diagrams and photos of two- and three-way ball valves, resilient-seated and three-way butterfly valves, plus valves, and pneumatic and electric actuators. 

Assured Automation

Essential reasons, typical types

This short, online article, “Basics of control valve positioners,” covers the fundamental reasons for using these devices, three primary types including pneumatic, analog I/P and smart/digital, and configurations with and without positioners. 

Instrumentation Toolbox

Last time around

The 2016 edition of this Resources column on valves, actuators and positioners includes many items that have retained their usefulness, including a link to Fisher Control's classic "Control Valve Handbook." 


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