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Product roundup: Valves, actuators put the moves on

June 24, 2020
Motion and supporting devices gain precision, speed, new sizes, turn options, self-containment to improve service—even beneath the sea

Modulating ball for precision control 

V Series modulating ball valve is designed for precision process control of pressure, temperature, flow and level. Its valve body is available in carbon- or stainless- steel with NPT, socket weld, tri-clamp and 150# or 300# flanged-end connections. Sizes available are ½ in. through 8 in. Control signal options include 4-20 mA and 3-15 psi. V Series simple ball-valve construction makes its V-notched valves preferable to common control valves due to its inherent shutoff capability, high flow capacity, ease of use and maintenance, and a rotary stem that makes these control valves ideal for throttling applications.

Assured Automation

Fast electric diaphragm valve

e-Diastar electrically actuated diaphragm valve is reported to be more than twice as fast at cycling as other devices, and can be controlled as open/closed. It employs 4-20mA positioning, and uses Profibus or Modbus communications. Available materials for e-Diastar include PVC, CPVC, polypropylene, ABS and PVDF. e-Diastar's uniquely designed, high-flow diaphragm valve body doesn't have the restricted flow associated with other diaphragm valves.

e-Diastar is deal for industrial thermoplastic applications with particulates, crystallization, high purity or viscous media. Its actuation package is clean, compact thermoplastic, and is user friendly. This Type EAMT Actuator is a multi-turn version of the Type EA45 from Georg Fischer, and offers the same benefits, including seven-segment error display, integrated heater and position feedback.

e-Diastar also has an automated learning mode to auto-sense open/close, and has a pushbutton position setting for simplified end-stop adjustment. Its solid state-position sensor will maintain positional alignment in a power outage, while EAMT features plug-and-play accessories that satisfy most industrial requirements.

GF Piping Systems

Mini solenoid valves, manifolds

Nitra GVP series pneumatic, 12 or 24 VCD, two- and three-port solenoid valves are ideal for low-flow applications, and are typically used for on/off flow control or with single-acting cylinders. They're available in 10- and 15-mm valve widths, and in two- or three-way normally closed configurations. Latching solenoid valves are available in a three-way normally closed configuration, and will stay open after being momentarily energized, saving power and reducing heat. Reversing polarity momentarily closes the valve.

Used with GVP valves, Nitra GM-3 series compact, precision-machined manifolds are available in one to six stations for 10-mm manifolds and in single to four stations for 15-mm manifolds. They use anodized aluminum construction for corrosion resistance. The solenoid valves and manifold work in conjunction with newly available compact and miniature manual air valves, general-purpose shuttle and bleed valve fittings, brass air jet nozzle kits and non-metallic pneumatic manifolds.


Atex-certified on/off for hazardous areas

R.G. Laurence on/off control valves for applications demanding rapid opening and sealed closure are ATEX-certified and Factory Mutual-approved. They offer reliable performance in high-temperature and extreme service conditions.

R.G. Laurence 2500 series two-way globe-type piston valves are operated by an external lever connecting the lifting action of the linear actuator to the valve piston via a rotary shaft. This mechanical advantage lets them leverage more force when operating the valve. Direct, semi-direct and pilot operated valve piston options make them ideal for light liquids and gases, such as hydrogen, oxygen, helium, and carbon dioxide. The rotary shaft also enables stronger return spring action, ensuring reliable and fail-safe returns.

Because their magnetic plunger and the solenoid are mounted outside and away from the valve body, R.G. Laurence valves can safely handle up to 425 °F fluid temperatures, including steam, without the coil insulation breakdown often associated with pack-less type solenoid valves. They're reported to deliver unparalleled performance in dirty, viscous, or unclean liquids such as gasoline, fuel gases, lube and fuel oils, as well as in all waters, including seawater and steam. R.G. Laurence valves also operate reliably under the stress of superheated steam and hot gases.

Quick-acting R.G. Laurence valves combine performance with safety. The 2500 Series is FM approved for safety shut-off of fuel oils and gases. The electric actuator is also FM-approved as explosion-proof (Class I, Groups B, C, & D, Division 1, and Class II, Groups E, F, & G), and complies with requirements for NEMA 4 watertight enclosures.
Long trusted by power plants as an essential component in turbines, R.G. Laurence valves deliver safe operation and combustion protection to a variety of industries. Because it can be used in a Division 1 hazardous atmosphere, this product line is ideal for oil refineries, gas processing stations, off-shore oil and gas platforms, and facilities specializing in chemical processing and catalytic conversion.

Circor International  

Redundant control, no single failure point

Asco Series RCS redundant control system is reported to be the only pilot valve system with no single point of failure that can result in unwanted closure of the process valve. It can be used in SIL 3 applications, and reduces spurious trip rates. RCS achieves a higher level of process safety and reliability by using a redundant, fault-tolerant architecture, high diagnostic coverage and automated testing. It's available in a variety of constructions that provide valve diagnostics through automated, partial-stroke testing.


Quarter-turn, rotary or linear actuators

CMA electric actuators operate process control valves and other continuous modulation applications, and are available for quarter-turn, rotary or linear operation. They're powered by single-phase or direct-current supplies, have 0.1% accuracy and repeatable position control, and include a permanently lubricated and maintenance-free drive train. Optional features include local manual control and an LCD positional display. Digital communication options include HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, Pakscan, DeviceNet, RIRO and Modbus protocols. Explosion-proof certification is available for hazardous area applications.


Self-contained for subsea

Subsea Valve Actuator (SVA) is a self-contained electromechanical actuator with a hydrostatic drive for process valves in undersea oil and gas production. Featuring a cost-effective modular design with redundant drive and safety system, SVA works reliably in depths up to 3,000 meters. It combines electromechanical and electro-hydraulic systems in a compact electromechanical actuator with hydrostatic drive, and is an alternative to electromechanical and conventional hydraulic systems. SVA provides up to SIL3 safety including condition monitoring, consumes up to 75% less energy, and is designed for 25 years of operation.

SVA also features avoidance of hydraulic leakage into surrounding ocean water, increasing productivity with a reliable, safe and precise actuator, as well as new possibilities to expand brownfields with new equipment—without adding new hydraulic or electric power supplies. It's also ideal for simplify production systems by removing their dependency on hydraulic power lines in umbilicals and associated, top-side, hydraulic power units (HPU).

Bosch Rexroth

Part-turn with 30° to 180° angle

Sipart PS2 positioner for single- and double-acting linear actuators also controls part-turn actuators with a rotary angle range from 30° to 180°. Its range of stroke is 3 to 130 mm with larger stroke available, and it can serve in ambient temperatures from -40 °C to 90 C. For easier mounting to standardized or manufacturer-specific actuators, users can choose from 400 mounting kits. Initialization and commissioning are complete in minutes, using the local display and three pushbuttons.

Sipart PS2 also has a compact sensor design, and wear-free, non-contacting sensor (NCS) with standard with IP68 or NEMA 4x protection, which enables long distances between sensor and electronics, and makes it suitable for applications with extreme dust or water, or even underwater.


Pressure transducer for extreme temperatures

E2G analog-output pressure transducers have a new sensor that operates in extreme temperatures from -40 °F to 257 °F (-40 °C to 125 °C), and is available with accuracies up to ±0.25% of span. Its key features include stainless-steel housing for sensor and pressure connections; standard offset and span adjustment; customized configurations; assorted analog outputs, pressure and electrical connections; and choice of cable length.

E2G's specifications also include: accuracy (terminal point) of ±0.25%, ±0.5% or ±1.00% of span; pressure ranges of 5 to 20,000 psi and 0 to 500 psi absolute; shock and vibration resistance of 75g peak shock and 10g RMS 20-20,000Hz vibration; ingress rating of IP66, IP67 or IP69K; and diaphragm materials including 316L, 17-4H or A286 stainless-steel. Offset and span can be quickly reset externally.

Ashcroft Inc.

Smart actuator for extreme conditions

Research Control Valves smart electric valve actuator (SEVA) is a cost-sensitive solution with military-grade components for use in extreme conditions. It provides accuracy and repeatability, and features diagnostics including position history, event history, cycle count, alarms and precision adjustment; SoloCUE software at no added cost that combines a rich user interface with intelligence; accepts input signals from communication protocols such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP and HART; selectable voltage, AC or DC, or both at the same time; and FM, CSA, ATEX and CE certifications.

Badger Meter 

Intelligent positioner with easy interface

EDP300 digital valve positioner is suitable for single- or double-acting actuators with linear or rotary motion. Its user-friendly, text-based HMI provides full function description with only four buttons, while its built-in intelligence lets it adapt to any control valve at the push of a button. EDP300's other functions include pressure sensor-based diagnostics, valve static and dynamic friction detection, and partial stroke testing. Its high air-output capability lets users employ one positioner type on all control valve brands and sizes.

ABB Inc.

Gas and fluid overpressure regulation

Model BR back pressure regulator can manage upstream overpressure regulation of cryogenic liquids, sour gas, gases and chemicals, and fluids such as water, oil, steam and compressed air. Available in globe or angular porting configuration, it controls inlet pressures up to 200 psig (13.8 Barg) in multiple spring ranges. It's available in five sizes from 3/8 in. to 2 in., and can handle 20 to 400 °F materials with body/spring chamber and trim material combinations. Trim designs include metal-seated or composition-seated with a metal or composition diaphragm.

Cashco Inc.

Severe service valve trim

Fisher Vee-Ball rotary control valves have added Cavitrol Hex anti-cavitation trim to reduce or eliminate vibration caused by cavitation. This trim option provides improved performance in severe service applications, while maintaining valve efficiency and increasing safety. Even though noise may still be present, Cavitrol Hex shifts the frequency is shifted, so potentially harmful vibration is reduced.

Cavitrol Hex trim is available on Vee-Ball V150, V200 and V300 rotary control valves. It can also be easily retrofitted into previously installed Vee-Ball valves after minimal modifications to the valve body. The trim option is available on Vee-Ball valves in sizes NPS 4 through 12, providing high capacity for gas, steam and liquids. To meet specific application requirements, a variety of metal and soft ball seal materials are available. Cavitrol Hex will not affect valve shutoff or valve temperature limits, and does not influence the primary ball/seal interface.


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