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Product roundup: Motors and drives step up to serve

Feb. 5, 2020
Expanded power profiles and operating ranges, added intelligence, and flexible configurations are the latest innovations in motion control.

High-voltage drive, high-torque motor

SureStep high-voltage AC stepper drive and compatible MTRAC high-torque motors have joined stepping system motion control products. The drive is powered from 90 to 240VAC, and is intended for use with step motors that handle a high bus voltage of 340 VDC. MTRAC motors work with high bus voltages, providing higher torque at higher speeds.

Stepper drive auto-setup measures motor parameters and configures motor current control and anti-resonance gain settings. SureStep uses AC input 90 to 240 VAC, and output current is selectable from 0.6-2.5A/phase (peak of sine). Microstep resolution is switch-selectable with 16 settings from 200 to 25,600 steps/rev. MTRAC motors are available in single-shaft and dual-shaft configurations with steel rotor case and stainless-steel shaft(s). Motors are available in NEMA frame sizes 23 and 34 with torque available from 75 to 1841 oz-in.  


Drive analyzers simplify troubleshooting

MDA-510 and MDA-550 motor drive analyzers simplify troubleshooting on single- and three-phase motor/drive systems with guided testing to quickly captures measurements. MDA-500s eliminates setting up complex measurements, and delivers reliable, repeatable test results.

Users select a test, and step-by-step guided instructions show where to make voltage and current connections, while the preset measurement profile ensures all necessary data is captured for each motor-drive section, from the input to the output, DC bus and the motor.

They measure motor-drive parameters including voltage, current, DC bus voltage level and AC ripple, voltage and current unbalance and harmonics (MDA-550 only), voltage modulation, and motor shaft voltage discharges (MDA-550 only); perform extended harmonics measurements to identify effects of low- and high-order harmonics on electrical power systems; conduct guided measurements with graphical step-by-step voltage and current connection diagrams; use simplified measurement setup with preset measurement profiles to automatically trigger data collection based on the chosen test procedure; and measure additional electrical parameters with full 500 MHz oscilloscope, meter, and recording capability for complete range of electrical and electronic measurement on industrial systems.

MDA-500s also create as-found and as-left reports quickly and easily. Simply press “save to report” at any test point or measurement, and the analyzer saves it to create comprehensive reports that document the troubleshooting process.

Fluke Corp.
800-44-FLUKE (443-5853)

Intelligence for fixed speed

VLT Soft Starter MCD 600 combines controls and protections with increased intelligence for performance in fixed-speed applications. It's more flexible to install due to Ethernet and serial-based communication option cards and application-dedicated smart cards. Ease of use is increased with pump-clean function, PowerThrough operation, and calendar or run time-based scheduling. MCD 600 has main voltage ranges of

3 x 200-525 VAC (T5) and 3 x 380-690 VAC (T7), as well as current ranges of 20-129 A (nominal) in an IP 20 enclosure and 144-579 A (nominal) in an IP00 enclosure. It also enables easy application analysis with up to 348 events logged, as well as QR code scan for serial number and event data.


Low-voltage DC drive with snap-on board option

DCL series low voltage, brushless motor control operates in the 12-48 VDC power bandwidth, up to 30 amps peak for 1 minute, or 15 amps continuously. Its design removes many of the trim pots and jumpers associated with typical motor controls, and it can be customized for individual applications.

For users who wish to modify calibration in the field, DCL has a programmer board CPC300-1 (sold separately) that snaps on and provides calibration of 10 different parameters, as well as DIP switches for setting different operating modes. A single CPC300-1, acting as the adder board, can be removed after programming and used with multiple DCL units. Base DCL units are Modbus capable, and come with one trim pot for calibrating maximum speed and two DIP switches for closed/open loop operation, as well as inverting hall effect feedback.

American Control Electronics (ACE)

Compact, motor-mounted drives

ACOPOSmotor series has added two compact, motor-mounted drives to save cabinet space, reduce installation costs, and ease development of modular machinery and plants. They cover a power range up to 0.35 kW, while the smallest version measures just 60 x 90 mm. The two drives also have an integrated servo drive that enables control loops as fast as 50 µs, and they're also available with an optional, integrated gearbox and brake. These ACOPOSmotor variants have a 24-60 VDC voltage range, so no special training is needed to exchange devices, while regenerative braking energy can be fed back into the DC bus, reducing energy consumption by as much as 30%. They also have two connections for hybrid cables, so only one cable is needed to connect to the control cabinet. This hybrid cable provides power and Powerlink communications, allows other units to be easily daisy-chained in, and provides STO safety functions that are standard on the motor-mounted drives.

B&R, a member of the ABB Group

High speed, small package

35ECS Ultra EC brushless DC, slotless, two-pole motor provides high speed, up to 330W continuous power, smooth operation and long life. Its high-speed rotor design sustains a maximum speed of 40,000 rpm, and is available in two lengths, 35ECS60 at 35 x 60 mm with 120 mNm torque, and 35ECS80 at 35 x 80 mm and 193 nMm torque. 35ECS also features a laser-welded front flange to provide the strongest housing for sustaining high-torque reaction. A temperature probe on the coil head ensures an optimized control of motor performances in heavy duty applications. They're also offered with hall sensors and a six different coils to match speed and voltage requirements.


Food-safe, IE3 efficiency, flexible mounting

IEC Food Safe motors are available in the 0.18-7.5 kilowatt power range, and in 2-6 pole versions for 230-690 volts at 50 or 60 hertz. They feature IE3 premium efficiency to reduce energy consumption and emissions. Flexible mounting arrangements ensure they'll fit in almost any application. They come in frame sizes 71-132, and feature smooth, stainless-steel enclosures that are easy to clean and sanitize to meet increasingly stringent hygiene standards. IEC Food Safe motors have achieved IP69 water protection rating, and their encapsulated windings lets them last longer than general-purpose products in tough washdown conditions. Their external surfaces are self-draining with no crevices where particles can collect, and their markings are laser-etched onto the frame, avoiding channels and ridges where contaminants could accumulate. They can also withstand high-pressure sprays and are fully compatible with clean-in-place (CIP) methods.



Effective planetary gearboxes have been expanded with four new series: TQFE, TQFEK, MPE and MPEK. TQFE has a 18-155 Nm torque range, and is compact with a standard flange interface for quick and easy mounting, while its right-angle version, TQFEK, allows more compactness for space-saving layouts. MPE series has a 5-155 Nm torque range, has an output design for easy retrofitting and a high level of freedom in project development, while its right-angle version, MPEK, adds greater compactness for space-saving requirements to all the benefits of the inline version. 


Standard, inverter, customizable logic

Frenic-Ace standard inverters can be used in most applications from fans and pumps to specialized machinery. They're full-featured drives that maintain high performance with optimal design. Frenic-Ace also has built-in customizable logic functions standard with a maximum of 200 steps, including digital and analog operation functions, allowing users to customize their inverters from simple logic functions to full-scale programming.

Fuji Electric Corp. of America

Safety-rated servo

1S series safety-rated servomotor has a high-resolution, multi-turn encoder without battery backup, built-in safety networking, and improved loop control for accurate, improved machine productivity. 1S also features 50 W to 15 kW power range, 23-bit high-resolution encoder, battery-free absolute multi-turn encoder, improved loop control for low overshoot and quick settling time, built-in safety functions, including hardwired safe torque off and safety over EtherCAT. It also has fast, secure screw-less push-ins in all connectors and pluggable connections for easy pre-wiring and maintenance.


Servomotor integrates encoder

IndraDyn S series MS2N high-torque, synchronous servomotors are high-dynamic, precise and easy to configure, which enables the shortest cycle times in many applications. Their optimized, electromagnetic design and new construction reduces torque ripple, delivers up to 30% greater torque density, and provides up to five times overload capacity. They're also available with an integrated encoder in the SIL3, PLe class for demanding tasks with SafeMotion, and can be used as an Industry 4.0 data source in conjunction with IndraDrive controls. MS2N is available in six sizes with up to five lengths each. They cover the power range from 4 Nm to 360 Nm maximum torque, and 0.8 Nm to 215 Nm continuous torque at standstill. Three encoder systems are available, and a single-cable connection is available or power and encoder signal.

Bosch Rexroth

High-power density, brushless

KinetiMax 95 high-power drive (HPD) is an outer-rotor, brushless, DC motor with frameless stator/rotor set with greater than 87% efficiency, 95-mm diameter, and 2 Nm continuous/nominal torque at 2,300 rpm, resulting in 480 W of continuous output power, and 1,100 W peak power. It also has 37 mm axial length, 59 mm inner diameter, low cogging torque, 24 V or 60 V winding, and high torque-to-weight ratio of 3.39 Nm/kg at rated torque. Options include winding temperature sensor and Hall commutation sensors.  

Allied Motion Technologies

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