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12 new motor and drive solutions you need to see

Jan. 27, 2022
Motors, drives build on VFD/VSD foundations
NEMA 4X AC VFDs with four control modes

IronHorse ACN drives have added ACNND NEMA 4X AC variable frequency drives (VFDs) that support four control modes, including V/Hz, slip compensation, sensorless vector and torque control. ACN/ACNND drives control 230 VAC three-phase motors up to 20 hp when powered with 230 VAC three-phase, and up to 10 hp when powered with 230 VAC single-phase. 460 VACs support motors up to 30 hp when powered with 460 VAC three-phase, and up to 15 hp when powered by 460 VAC single-phase.


FASR with non-rare earth exceeds IE5

Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium integrated motor drive uses ferrite-assisted synchronous reluctance (FASR) technology with non-rare earth magnets to achieve greater than IE5 (NEMA ultra-premium) efficiency at rated design. It provides up to 16% efficiency gains compared to other motor designs. Ratings are available as a motor-only option from 1 to 20 HP (0.75-15 kW), as an integrated motor with a top mount drive in ratings of 1 to 10 HP (0.75-7.5 kW), or axial mounted drive in ratings 1 to 7.5 HP (0.75-5.5 kW).


VFD with compact inverter

MX2 series VFD and multi-function compact inverter from Omron Automation was developed to drive machines. It harmonizes advanced motor and machine control by using VFD technology for controlling pumps and motors. With advanced design and algorithms, MX2 provides smooth control down to zero speed, as well as precise operation for cyclic operations and torque control capability in open loop. VFD provides energy savings, and offers protection from electrical faults, such as short circuits.

Digi-Key Electronics

Six-pulse drive with wider power ranges

PowerFlex 755TS drive expands the PowerFlex AC variable speed drive (VSD) portfolio, and is the first six-pulse drive with TotalForce technology. PowerFlex 755TS features: flexible control from power ranges; voltage classes and capabilities; intelligence from built-in predictive models that use continuous monitoring to calculate expected remaining life of components; and easier commissioning and optimization from adaptive controls that monitor machine characteristics and automatically compensate for changes.

Rockwell Automation

Dedicated, specialist pump drive

F600 from Control Techniques is a dedicated pump drive, built from the ground up with comprehensive pump features that make it easier to set up precise, dependable pumping applications. F600 includes advanced flow control features, such as dry-run prevention, over-cycling prevention and no-flow detection, as well as energy-saving features like “low-load power saving” and an automatic sleep mode that triggers at specific setpoints. All features and settings are presented in terminology specific to pumping.

Galco Industrial Electronics

Switches enable motor circuits

High-performance electromagnetic switches from Fuji Electric are available in a range of styles and applications. They provide overload, phase-loss and short-circuit protection for circuits. Fuji is reported to give users the ability to develop specific configurations that fit different frame and DIN sizes, while working with either single- or three-phase electrical circuits. Other features include wide motor-capacity range, different instantaneous and adjustable thermal-magnetic trips, and high and standard breaking capacity.


Varied power, networking, programming

GA500 Industrial Microdrive is designed to provide at least 10 years of continuous operation and meet RoHS2 requirements. It's TUV safety rated, enabled by Ethernet protocols, and provides a wide range of flexibility. GA500 is rated up to 40 hp, and can be applied to 240 VAC single-phase, 240 VAC three-phase, or 480 VAC three-phase incoming power. It's also UL-rated to accept DC as primary power source. It can operate induction, permanent magnet (SPM and IPM), and synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors.

Yaskawa America Inc.

Easier VFD programming, high ambient temps

Danfoss FC321 EZ VFD is reported to be a new standard for ease-of-use VFD programming. Featuring a graphical keypad and preprogrammed applications, this drive operates in ambient temperatures up to 50 ºC (122 ºF) with no derating. Other features include DC chokes, RFI filtering, 3C2 board coatings and up to 1,000-foot motor cable run capabilities. Fractional to 200 HP, 200 VAC to 690 VAC voltage capabilities and open chassis to NEMA 4x (up to 125 HP) enclosures offer solutions to many environments.


Power cell, Modbus optimize motor control

UPC-MB universal power cell with Modbus is a fast, accurate, flexible sensor for machine tool operations that's reported to offers a new way to optimize discrete manufacturing cycle times. It enables real-time machine tool sensing for changing workloads, tool sizes, wear and conditions; provides feedback to optimize cutting speeds and feed rates for more than 50% better cycle times; eliminates downtime through early detection of tool wear; and is reported to be more than 10 times more sensitive than other sensors.

Load Controls Inc.

Smart, connected medium-voltage VSD

Altivar Process ATV6000 is a smart, connected, services-oriented, medium-voltage, variable-speed drive (VSD) system that provides process optimization, energy management improvements and asset management. It completes the Altivar process range with a solution that addresses medium-voltage operations and maintenance challenges. Altivar Process ATV6000 is available in 4.16 kV up to 4,000 HP / 490 Amps and 6.6 kV up to 6,275 HP / 490 Amps.

Schneider Electric

Adaptive movers can rotate 360°

XPlanar adaptive movers can now use a TwinCAT software update to rotate 360° endlessly around their own axes without special hardware, while levitating at selected positions, and move onward after reorientation in 90° steps. These rotations can be executed with up to 10 Hz frequency. XPlanar enables contactless, parallel and individual item transport, with movers flying freely in two dimensions over its tiles, and executing lifting with a stroke of up to 5 mm.


Toolless motor control assembly

XT IEC power controls from Eaton provide starting and protection for control panels. Their compact design reduces material costs and installation effort, and enhances panel safety and performance. XT features toolless assembly of manual motor controllers and reversing contactors, low coil consumption, front accessibility to coil terminations, built-in surge suppression on electronic coils, and built-in auxiliary contact for contactors up to 32 A in a 45-mm frame.


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