Drives and Motor Controls Online

Jan. 5, 2012
This Month We Discuss Drives and Motors

Danfoss VLT Drives has a number of educational resources available through its website at These include an online diagnostics tool ( for the VLT 2800, VLT 5000, VLT 6000 and VLT 8000 drives, and a collection of lessons on adjustable frequency drives for the industrial market ( and variable frequency drives for HVAC and water and wastewater markets ( A free 150-page downloadable document called "Facts Worth Knowing about Frequency Converters" ( is available that provides an introduction to the work and build-up of a frequency converter and the AC motors connected to it.
Danfoss VLT Drives  

Siemens offers online tutorials on the basics of motors and controls and power distribution. The motors and controls courses cover the basics of AC drives and motors, control components, motor control centers, DC drives and PLCs. The power distribution courses cover the basics of busways, circuit breakers, load centers, low-voltage switch gears, power monitoring, safety switches, surge protectors and more. The direct link to the courses is

This white paper, "Shaft Grounding—Fulfilling the Promise of Variable Frequency Drives," explains the causes of certain problems experienced with VFDs and how shaft grounding can solve them. The direct link is at
Electro Static Technology

Learn Automation Direct is a tutorial website covering a variety of automation products. Among its tutorials, videos, white papers and PDFs is a four-part video series on selecting the right AC drive. The same page contains links to other tutorial pages, including those containing overviews of both AC and DC motors. The direct link is at
Automation Direct

Galil offers a selection of videos and tutorials on motion control and drive topics, including tuning servo systems, system design, I/O control, software, motion controllers, motors and drives, and Ethernet and motion control. The page also has links to live training and online classes. The direct link is at

A new tool from Rockwell Automation helps users to calculate potential savings derived from variable frequency drives to power pumps and fans right from their mobile devices. They can use the online energy savings calculator ( or download the free mobile application to their iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android systems. With this new tool, users can compare conventional methods, such as valves for pump control and dampers for fan control, to variable frequency drives and see estimated cost savings of installing an Allen-Bradley PowerFlex drive. Users can enter the minimum pump or flow percentages, annual operating hours, cost per kilowatt and other information about their own factory, or use the sample data provided by Rockwell Automation built into the tool.
Rockwell Automation

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