OneGear, PowerFlex 755 Headline New Intelligent Motor Controls

Nov. 20, 2008
Meet the Next Generation of Medium-Voltage Motor Control

This week on the Automation Fair exhibit hall floor, Rockwell Automation is demonstrating the latest in Intelligent Motor Control technology with the release of the Allen-Bradley OneGear product line, which provides a full range of medium-voltage motor control center and power control center options.

“The OneGear product line is the next generation of medium-voltage motor control specifically designed for use with full-voltage and solid-state, reduced-voltage applications, supporting operating voltages up to 15 kV,” reported John Kay, engineering manager, packaged control products business.

New additions to Rockwell Automation’s range of Intelligent Motor Control solutions unveiled at Automation Fair were the OneGear medium voltage line and the new PowerFlex 755 drive.

“Using vacuum-contactor and circuit-breaker switching technology, the OneGear product family offers customers a wide range of flexible product solutions to help meet their application needs,” he said.

Kay said all OneGear products will be available with optional arc-resistant cabinets, which meet IEE C37.20.7 and IEC Type 2 protection. As with all Intelligent Motor Control solutions from Rockwell Automation, the OneGear product line offers remote monitoring, diagnostic capability and in-depth motor protection for maximum motor utilization while avoiding damage and downtime.

The OneGear product line includes the full-voltage, non-reversing controller, along with intelligent protection systems, and 10 kV to 15 kV SMC Flex controllers featuring ArcShield cabinet design and Allen-Bradley PowerBrick technology.

In a nearby exhibit in the Intelligent Motor Control area, Anthony Newkirk, product manager, drives business, introduced the PowerFlex 755 AC drive, which he said is designed for ease of integration, application flexibility and performance.

“The PowerFlex 755 AC drive is designed to maximize a machine builder or end user’s return on investment and help improve productivity,” said Newkirk. “It’s ideal for applications that require safety, high motor control performance and application flexibility,” he said.

“As the first drive to be released in the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750 series, the PowerFlex 755 AC drive provides greater functionality across manufacturing systems from 7.5–250 kW, or 10-350 hp, at 400/480 Vac and 540/650 Vdc input,” he said.

Newkirk pointed out the PowerFlex 755 AC drive offers customers wide selection for control and supporting hardware options including:

  • DeviceLogix embedded control technology that can control outputs and manage status information onboard the drive
  • Embedded Ethernet, a standard hardware feature for communication, which lets customers easily configure, control and collect drive data over Ethernet networks
  • Preventive diagnostics, which allow the PowerFlex 755 to keep track of information affecting the life of its cooling fans and relay outputs.

In addition, the drive can be programmed to monitor the amount of elapsed time for machine or motor bearing usage. This functionality gives the user the ability to configure the drive for advanced notification based on event levels configured to prevent unplanned downtime.

Basic and enhanced safety options that, said Newkirk, are embedded into the drive and use the Rockwell Automation Safe-Speed Control technology help protect personnel and equipment, conserve space in panels and minimize downtime.

“In addition to the standard embedded Ethernet communications, multiple communication options provide a variety of network choices and optimized integration with system controllers,” said Newkirk.

The product also touts the ability to protect a user’s investment with seamless integration into an existing system using PowerFlex drives. In addition, a reduction of programming development time and costs for the PowerFlex 755 drive with Premier Integration is achieved by using RSLogix 5000 software, Drive Tools or Drive Explorer.