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Enclosure Options Grow

Aug. 8, 2008
Manufacturers Never Have Too Many Enclosure Options

Just as one can never be too thin or too rich, manufacturers never can have too many enclosure options in order to cope with all the possible configurations they might need.  Adalet agrees. The company announced the addition of stainless steel, double-door and large single-door enclosures to its industrial enclosure product line.

“We added stainless steel double-door enclosures to our line to give customers more of a one-stop shop for stainless steel enclosures, which is our niche,” says Matt Piecuch, marketing and sales manager for Adalet. “Double-door enclosures are used by systems integrators, OEMs and end users for housing electronic/electrical controls and instrumentation, as well as pneumatic, hydraulic and machine tool controls, and they’re designed to provide protection against dust, dirt, oil and water.”

The enclosures, constructed from 12-gauge, Type 304 and Type 316L stainless steel, have continuously welded, smooth-ground seams and a formed lip to prevent liquid from dripping into the enclosure when a door is open. They have removable center posts to allow for easy panel installation. A lighting (accessory) channel is welded to the inside top of each enclosure.

Mounting panel channels are welded horizontally to the inside walls for locating the panel along the enclosure depth. Collar studs also are provided for mounting panels. Mounting panels are sold separately. 

Twelve-inch floor stand kits are welded to the floor-mounted enclosures. Other heights are available, too. There also is a grounding provision on the enclosure and doors.

Enclosure doors, made of 14-guage, Type 304 and Type 316L stainless steel, have heavy- duty, padlockable three-point handles with rollers. Keyed and other locking inserts are available. A stainless steel 316L handle is available in a padlockable-only model.

The standard three-point latching is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, adds Piecuch. “Available as wall-mount, floor-mount and free-standing, double- and single-door enclosures, the products also are suitable for use in petrochemical plants, dairies, breweries, food-processing areas and similar environments where they’re subject to frequent high-pressure hosing and generally wet conditions.”

NEMA 4X rating and stainless steel construction also allow for installation in severe corrosive environments. “With single and dual-entry versions, as well as standard three-point latching, adds Piecuch, “the double-door enclosures provide ample space for large electronic and instrumentation systems.”

Options include louvers, fans and filters, thermal management, window kits, lighting kits, panels, panel support kits and industrial pilot devices.

Customizations are also available. They include custom enclosure sizes, holes and cutouts in the enclosure, doors or panels, tapped holes in mounting panels, paint or powder coating, drip shields, sun shields and custom enclosure/panel builds. 

For more information call 216/267-9000, e-mail [email protected], or browse to www.adalet.com

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