Lenze Americas Presents Manufacturing/Packaging Track Session at Automation Conference

April 22, 2013
The session will deliver practical application advice and visionary insights for automation professionals

Tom Jensen from Lenze Americas, will present a Manufacturing/Packaging track session entitled Centralized or Decentralized: Application–Specific Drive Strategies at 3 pm, Tuesday, May 14, 2012, at The Automation Conference in Rosemont, Illinois.

This session is designed for automation professionals in the manufacturing, processing and packaging industries, and it will focus on delivering practical application advice and visionary insights for automation professionals.  Jensen, manager of the Lenze OEM business development team, will explore the role of mechatronic design on drive selection and explain the pros and cons of both centralized and decentralized drive options, so that true mechatronic manufacturers will be better positioned to make less expensive, faster and higher quality machines.

Gary Bertoline, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Technology and Professor of Computer Graphics Technology and Computer & Information Technology at Purdue University, will present a keynote address about How Higher Education's Fatal Flaw Impacts Manufacturing, Wednesday, May 15, at 11:05 am CST.  Dean Bertoline's topic supports efforts at Purdue and others in academia helping to bridge chronic deficits in workforce development through innovative work conducted at undergraduate and graduate levels in manufacturing education, which ultimately strengthens the U.S. role in global manufacturing.

The Automation Conference will feature more than 20 presentations engaging professional participants in topics on manufacturing and automation.  The keynote addresses will be presented each morning of the conference followed by a series of sessions under two concurrent topic tracks on automation applications in manufacturing/packaging and processing. Attendees will find information on cross-industry concerns, such as safety, security, mechatronics, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), energy management and industrial network configuration, as well as specific vertical issues such as regulations, standards and device/machine integration.