Cooper Bussmann Has New App for Fault Current Calculations

July 11, 2013
Cooper Bussmann introduces its new FC2 mobile application (app) for calculating available fault current levels in single- or three-phase electrical systems.

Cooper Bussmann announced the introduction of its new FC2 mobile application (app) for calculating available fault current levels in single- or three-phase electrical systems. Available for all Apple® iPhones and iPads, and Android mobile devices, the FC2mobile app allows contractors, engineers, electricians and electrical inspectors to quickly and easily determine available fault current levels anywhere in an electrical distribution system. Additionally, FC2 enables users to create and email National Electric Code (NEC) 110.24 compliant labels for marking service entrance equipment and one-line diagrams.

“As the industry evolves, we’re seeing an increased demand for mobile technology to improve jobsite efficiencies,” said Vince Saporita, vice president of technical sales, Bussmann Division. “And, as a company, we’re committed to addressing that trend head on by developing innovative mobile solutions like our new FC2 and our previously released FuseFinder cross reference tool. These simple but robust solutions are well suited for field use with quick and easy access to products or solutions needed for specific applications.”

Eliminating the need for costly software and time-consuming manual calculations, the FC2 mobile app simplifies the point-to-point calculation process with an intuitive interface. Once opened, the app uses easy-to-follow prompts to guide users through the calculating process for either single- or three--phase power, adding system components and calculating the available fault current. The calculation process also renders a one-line diagram of the system that can be reviewed on the device or emailed. Taking the process a step further, the FC2 app also allows users to create and email NEC 110.24 compliant labels to help meet the need for marking service entrance equipment.

Beyond calculations, the FC2 app also includes a fuse sizing guide for main, feeder and branch circuits. When reviewing the completed diagram, users also have the ability to touch blue “Hot Spot” links within the app to view fuse and conductor sizing information.

Additional features of the app include a User Guide complete with a host of helpful tips, as well as a Contact Us section for technical or customer service support.

Free downloads of the FC2 app are available at the Apple App Store or Android market by searching the keywords “Fault Current Calculator” and selecting the Bussmann FC2 icon. A web-based version is also available on the Bussmann website.To learn more about the all new FC2 app from Cooper Bussmann, please visit