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Mitsubishi's Motion Control Solutions Mobile Showroom is on the Road

April 30, 2012
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Mobile Showroom Puts Solutions in Motion

Mitsubishi Electric Automation's 53-foot long Solutions in Motion showroom, brings its full array of motion control solutions directly to customers. The mobile showroom will appear at tradeshows, open houses, training seminars and other events across North America.

According to Matt Lopinski, vice president of sales and marketing, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, the Solutions In Motion allows them to bring Mitsubishi's showroom to otheir key end-customers and create a special event right at their facility.

Solutions In Motion has dual expandable walls, creating a space of more than 510 square-feet that can comfortably accommodate 25 people. It also has a 50- x 20-foot canopy for outdoor events.

Interactive demonstration pods in the Solutions Gallery with 32-inch high-definition video monitors display Mitsubishi Electric PLC products, servos, VFDs, HMIs and networks in a wide range of manufacturing applications. Overhead sound domes produce crisp, clear audio in a small area so guests can watch demonstrations without hearing sound from others.

The next section of the showroom is an industrial, bottling-line demonstration with exposed overhead conduit, compressed-air plumbing and duct work. Shown in action are a Mitsubishi Electric RH3 ceiling mount SCARA robot; a gear mesh device featuring MR-J3 rotary and linear servos; and vibration suppression equipment. Opposite that are Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory and connectivity solutions; and an F700 fan and pump controller packaged solution.

Mitsubishi Electric’s EnergyPaq energy monitoring system is on display at the front of the trailer. Voltage, current, power factor and total power consumption for eight circuits, including incoming power, HVAC, an air compressor and all of the demonstration pods are monitored and recorded. Energy data are stored in the cloud and accessible via the Internet.

Nearly all of the hardware is connected by an onboard wireless LAN with 3G/4G cellular broadband access for remote monitoring, analysis and upgrading. This also provides a hotspot for Internet access.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation channel partners and customers can schedule a Solutions In Motion visit through their sales representative.

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