Rockwell releases new medium-drive technology white paper

March 10, 2008

Milwaukee, March 10 – A new white paper from Rockwell Automation details an innovative drive design that can help reduce space and weight demands on off-shore platforms. Titled “Maximize Efficiency, Space & Weight Savings with Medium-Voltage Transformerless Drive Configuration,” the paper explains the business value of transformerless drive technology. A free copy of the paper is available by following the Literature link at

The Direct-to-Drive, or transformerless drive, configuration helps eliminate isolation transformers, which can represent between 30 percent and 50 percent of a medium-voltage drive system’s size, and up to 70 percent of the system’s weight. Reducing size and weight is a critical cost-saving step in drill rig operations and platforms.

The white paper details how the transformerless configuration helps reduce time to first oil by eliminating the need for design, installation and maintenance of transformers. The paper also notes that 50 percent of the 20-year cost for motor control equipment relates to the energy used by that equipment in daily operations. It goes on to illustrate how the transformerless drive design can help users reduce energy consumption, providing savings over the operation’s lifespan.

“Oil and gas companies are constantly seeking new ways to improve operational excellence by improving their reliability, improving their safety and increasing their operational flexibility,” said Charlie Norz, market development manager, Rockwell Automation. “This white paper presents some compelling data and ideas to help companies achieve these goals.”