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9 new valves, accessories you need to see

July 1, 2022
New materials, operating ranges and support devices expand performance in all media types
Silencer protects against process noise

Fisher WhisperTube modal attenuator for noisy gas or vapor applications is a full-bore device with 15-decibel sound suppression to reduce noise inside pipes from upstream sources. It’s installed downstream in place of a pipe spool piece, generates no added pressure drop, and has no impact on process flow. WhisperTubes come in 2 in. to 12 in. sizes, and have ASME flange ratings of Class 150, 300, and 600. Pressure ratings match the flange rating sizes, and the maximum temperature is 700° F.


Thermoplastic butterfly valve

565 butterfly valve is strong yet lightweight due to plastic components, including a PVDF disc with fiber-reinforced polyamide housing and EPDM or FKM seals, so it's ideal for pressures up to 232 psi (16 bar) and temperatures from 14 °F to 176 °F (-10 °C to 80 °C). Available in NPS 2 through 12 (DN50-300) sizes, 565 butterfly valve is 60% lighter than metal valves for safe and easy installation. It's also the same length as metal valves (ISO 5752 Row 20, API 609 Table 2), so retrofitting requires no added work.

GF Piping Systems

Chemical injection control

FluidCom is a fully automatic, chemical injection controller for scale or corrosion inhibitor, emulsion breaker, anti-foam and other applications. Its patented technology consists of an all-in-one unit with flow-control valve, actuator, flowmeter and controller. FluidCom ensures accurate, reliable chemical dosages, and allows controlled and efficient use of production chemicals for optimizing oil and gas production, improving water quality, and securing system integrity. Its self-cleaning function reduces maintenance.


Compressed-air shutoffs in five sizes

MS series shutoff valves from Festo offer a complete concept for compressed air preparation with a large product range, effective components, and a wide choice of functions. They’re suitable for simple, standard applications and application-specific solutions with high-quality requirements, and are available as individual components, pre-assembled combinations ex-stock, application-specific combinations or complete turnkey solutions. The five sizes in the MS series achieve maximum flow rates with low space requirements.

Digi-Key Electronics

Pneumatics for 1/4-turn or proportional

Pneumatic control valve actuators from Crouzet (Newark SKU #35B3545; Crouzet #81513200) for quarter-turn or proportional taps and valves automate open/close commands and flow rate changes. The actuating cylinder is operated by an air-distributor valve in the valve body and controlled by a solenoid valve. They include miniature control valves (17.5 mm) and an electro-pneumatic interface block that’s ready to install with a preconfigured, eight-position sub-base and six monostable valve modules.


Precise, modulating ball valve

V Series modulating ball valve for precise process control of pressure, temperature, flow and level has a valve body available in carbon or stainless steel with NPT, socket weld, tri-clamp and 150# or 300# flanged end connections. Sizes available are ½ in. through 8 in. Control signal options include 4-20 mA and 3-15 psi. Simple construction makes V Series v-notched valves preferable due to their inherent shutoff capability, high-flow capacity, ease of use and maintenance, and a rotary stem for throttling applications.

Assured Automation

Globe valve actuator with one moving part

KVA general-purpose, shape memory alloy-based, globe valve actuator uses proprietary, bundled-wire technology to maintain precise control of gas and fluids. Designed to replace traditional pneumatic and electric actuators, it can be mated to a variety of globe valves. Bundled-wiring enables KVA’s robust drivetrain with only one moving part and innovative mechanics, which develop smooth motion and generate force in a purely linear way, eliminating the mechanical backlash and slop inherent in traditional gearboxes.

Kinitics Automation

Quick-disconnect DIN-valve connectors

DIN-valve connectors from Murrelektronik provide quick-disconnect capabilities for standard control valves and other devices. Available in A, B, BI, C and CI forms, with optional built-in surge protection and LED signaling, these DIN-valve connectors provide power to control valves as field-wireable connectors, single-ended corsets with flying leads, and double-ended patch cordsets. This range of capabilities can meet the automation needs of a variety of process applications.


Block-and bleed, two-valve manifold

V01 Series two-valve, block-and-bleed manifold mounts directly on instruments, and allows bleeding of media as well as testing, cleaning or removal. It features 316L stainless steel construction, PTFE packing, ¼ NPT vent port with pipe plug, an externally adjustable gland, reinforced gland body protection and blowout protection. The non-rotating needle provides bubble-tight shutoff and a dust cap protects internal components from contaminants. Material traceability reports are available per EN 10204 3.1.


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