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Product roundup: Valve technologies

June 20, 2018
Innovations in valve technologies are getting an assist from equally creative accessories

Three- and four-way spools

Asco Series 362 and 562 are three- and four-way solenoid-operated spool valves with a corrosion-resistant design for reliable valve automation in oil and gas applications. They have low-power and low-temperature options, and are available in sizes from ¼-in. to 1-in. Their stainless-steel, encapsulated coil has ATEX, IECEx: Ex d and UL, CSA Class I, Div 1 hazardous-location approvals, which is combined with a compact design and low-wattage coil for global use. 

800-972-ASCO (2726)

Fast, accurate final control

EDP300 provides fast, accurate positioning for final control elements due to its innovative, robotics-based control algorithm. EDP300 is an electronically configurable positioner designed for mounting on pneumatic linear or rotary control valve actuators. It features a small, compact design and modular construction. Fully automatic determination of control parameters and adaptation to final control elements saves time and optimizes control behavior.

ABB Inc.

Networking control quicker

Pakscan P4 is reported to offer the fastest dedicated actuator control network available by using noise-immune, data-encrypted SHDSL telecoms protocol at speeds up to 15 Mbps. Its modular design can connect to multiple hosts. PF's Master Station can supervise up to four networks with up to 300 field units, including third-party devices such as pumps and transmitters. Master Station also can be supplied in hot standby configuration to provide seamless redundancy.

Rotork Controls Inc. 

Smart, electric actuator

Designed to be cost-sensitive, but still offer the best features in extreme conditions, Smart Electric Valve Actuator (SEVA) has military-grade components, while providing accuracy and repeatability. In addition, its initial release includes 100-pound and 200-pound models. They're created to provide next-generation technology, and replace longstanding electric actuators, including the EVA-1, EVA-100 and EVA-200.

Badger Meter

Regulating overpressure

Model BR back pressure regulator is available in globe or angular porting configurations. It controls inlet pressures up to 200 psig (13.8 Barg) in multiple spring ranges, and can be used in most industrial, pressure-relief applications. Model BR is available in five sizes from 3/8 in. to 2 in., and can handle materials from 20 °F to 400 °F with the appropriate body/spring chamber and trim material combinations. Trim designs include metal-seated or composition-seated with a metal or composition diaphragm.

Cashco Inc.

Customizable ball valve labels

5-Series ball valves have added a labeling system that lets users customize valve labels with images and text, or use pre-printed labels with common symbols available online. The labels are chemical-, weather- and UV-resistant, making them durable and long lasting. They're easily installed by simply replacing the valve handle clip with a transparent clip included in the kit. Valve labels are compatible with Type 546 ball valve sizes 3/8 in. to 2 in. (d16–d63), Type 543 three-way ball valves and Type 523 metering ball valves.

GF Piping Systems

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