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Greg’s Articles on Valve Dynamics

Feb. 5, 2008
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Greg's Articles

Greg’s Chapters on Valve Dynamics

  • Chapter 3, “Measurements and Valves,” Good Tuning: A Pocket Guide, 2nd ed., ISA, 2005
  • Chapter 6, “Control Valves – A Moving Story,” Advanced pH Measurement and Control, 3rd ed., ISA, 2004
  • Chapter 2, “Setting the Foundation,” Advanced Control Unleashed, ISA, 2003
  • Chapter 4, “Valve Position—The Missing Link,” How to Become an Instrument Engineer - Part 1.523, ISA, 1995
  • Chapter 7, “The Effect of Valve Dynamics,” Tuning and Control Loop Performance, 3rd ed., ISA, 1994

Greg’s Symposium Papers on Valve Dynamics

  • “Problems and Solutions for Control Valve Dynamics,” Texas A&M Instrumentation Symposium, January, 1995.
  • “A Performance Comparison Between a Smith Predictor and a PID Control for Control Valve Hysteresis and Process Non-Self-Regulation”, ACC, San Francisco, June, 1983.
  • Greg’s www.modelingandcontrol.com Entries on Valve Dynamics
  • “Getting Rid of Dead Time—Beam Me Up Scotty,” Control Techniques Category.
  • “Deadly Deadband,” Plant Design Category.
  • “Missing in Action,” Tuning and Control Performance Category.
  • “Location, Location, Location, Part 2,” Plant Design Category.
  • “Dead Time’s Secret Identity, Part 2,” Tuning and Control System Performance Category.
  • “Biggest Opportunities for Process Control Improvement, Basic Control,” Tuning and Control System Performance Category.
  • “Biggest Opportunities for Process Control Improvement—Position Readback,” Tuning and Control System Performance Category.
  • Control Talk discussions of valve dynamics, Tuning rule bonanza and Control Valve Simulation

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