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  • Top 50 Automation Companies

    End users, analysts and competitors alike want to know: Who's the biggest of them all? Walt Boyes, editor of Control, and Larry O'Brien, research director for ARC Advisory Group, have the scoop. Watch this video to find out.

  • Process Simulation - Overview and Honeywell's UniSim Design Suite

    In this Webinar, Peter de Jonge, Honeywell Process Solutions consultant and industry expert, provides and overview of process simulation and its use in process design, optimization, equipment evaluation, operations training and more. Also learn about Honeywell's Unisim Design Suite and Academic Program.

  • Market Intelligence Report: Field Instruments

    Editor in Chief Walt Boyes presents the results of Control's latest survey on field instruments. Control presented its readers with five different field instrument questions, and this video reports summarizes the findings. Watch this video report to learn more.

  • Modernizing Aging Process Automation Systems- Options and Best Practices

    Is it time to update your legacy control system? Rest assured, modernizing your plant doesn't have to be a high-cost or high-risk operation. Knowing your options, choosing the right partner and platform for your business, and careful planning and execution can help you avoid these penalties. Control's editor in chief Walt Boyes moderates this on-line session with ARC Advisory Group's Research Director Larry O'Brien. Joining them will be Invensys' Graham Bennett, senior DCS migration consultant, and Amanda Smith, legacy system migration program manager. This team of industry experts will share best practices and lessons learned that have helped over 500 plants modernize to safe, reliable and improved operations.

  • The Straight Scoop on Stuxnet

    Stuxnet, the scary new virus in town, may make you want to rethink your control system security. Control's managing editor, Nancy Bartels, and ARC's Bob Mick sort out the hype, hysteria and hoop-la and get to the nitty gritty of what this computer worm, aimed directly at control systems, means for your cybersecurity plans.

  • Cybersecurity Talk

    When we think of security, we think cyber--but long before electronics there was a physical security, starting with the fence. Control's Walt Boyes interviews Honeywell Process Solutions' Keving Staggs.

  • John Berra's Farewell

    Control's Editor-in-Chief Walt Boyes talks to John Berra, Emerson Process Management's chairman, who recently retired after 41 years in the industry. Berra takes a look back at the changes in both automation companies and the automation industry as a whole and what these changes mean for the future.

  • Focus On: Wireless

    Editor-in-Chief Walt Boyes talks about wireless in the plant and wireless backbone. Throughout the years the automation industry has developed different wireless standards, but can there be convergence between them? Watch this video report to learn more on wireless in the plant and wireless backbone.

  • Simulation Podcast

    Is simulation moving beyond design and training and into optimization and even operations? ARC senior analyst Tom Fiske talks with Control's Chief Editor Walt Boyes about simulation's new roles.

  • Market Intelligence Report: Operator Interface/HMI

    Control Global surveyed its audience to find out more about how they use operator interfaces and HMIs. Editor in Chief Walt Boyes analyzes the 2010 results and compares these to the results of the same survey taken in 2008. Watch this video report and see if there is a difference in how operator interfaces and HMIs are used today.

  • Knowledge Management and Staffing Podcast

    Executive editor Jim Montague speaks with ARC's Senior analyst and expert Tom Fiske. This month's topic is knowledge management and staffing.

    Control Global/ARC
  • Market Intelligence Report: Process Analyzers

    Executive editor Jim Montague talks about the diverse technologies used in process analyzers. Some technologies leave you asking for more. Watch this video and learn more about the different process analyzer technologies professional use today and see how satisfied they are with these devices.

  • Honeywell Acquires Matrikon

    Walt Boyes talks with Norm Gilsdorf, CEO of Honeywell Process Solution, and Nizar J. Somji, President and CEO of Matrikon, about Honeywell's recent purchase of Matrikon.

  • Consider the True Cost of Automation

    Whether for a unit retrofit or a grass- roots project, choosing the right process automation platform is a complex and important decision that will affect your productivity and profitability for years to come. Skimp up- front, and extra integration and maintenance tasks will soon eat up any initial cost savings. Aim too high, and you'll long be paying for overly complex functionality you don't need and will never implement. In this ControlGlobal.com webinar, you'll learn to cast process automation system costs in the context of a system's full life cycle, matching system capabilities against application performance, engineering and maintenance requirements.

  • Sustainability in the Process Industries

    Control's digital managing Web Editor Katherine Bonfante, talks to ARC's Vice President Greg Gorbach on sustainability. What is sustainability? What factors influence sustainability efforts in the process industries?

  • Automation Professional Basic Skills

    Control magazine surveyed its audience to find out how industry professionals obtain basic training. Watch this video report where digital managing editor, Katherine Bonfante, goes over the survey's findings. There's a big gap between what companies are saying and what they are doing to provide training for their employees. Watch this report to learn more.

  • Tofino for the Triconex Safety System

    Walt Boyes of Control magazine talks with Eric Byres of Byres Security and Joe Scalia from Invensys Operations Management about the introduction of a custom Tofino for the Triconex Safety System.

  • Focus On: Wireless Mobility

    Executive editor Jim Montague talks on automation wireless mobility professionals and devices. Montague discusses the case studies mentioned in the April cover story Workers Unchained. Watch this video and learn more about wireless mobility.

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