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21 new network connectors, accessories you need to see

Sept. 7, 2022
Adapters, gaskets, bushings and other devices help cables build network infrastructures
Battery pole, busbar for energy storage

Touch-proof and pluggable, with ratings up to 1,500 VDC and 350 A, battery pole and busbar connectors make it safer to install energy storage systems (ESS). The battery pole connectors are installed on the front of battery modules, while the battery busbar connectors are installed on the back. The battery pole connectors rotate 360° to accommodate the best angle for heavy cabling. The busbar connectors have a drawer-style, slide-in connection, eliminating the need for field wiring.

Phoenix Contact

24 VDC, flexible control cable

Silflex 24 VDC flexible control cable from Lutze is made with a rugged outer jacket that resists sunlight, oil and moisture. It has a UL-type, machine tool wire (MTW) rating, and meets NFPA 79, Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery, as well as added approvals, including Class 1, Division 2 for hazardous locations and direct burial. Also, its UL-type tray-cable, exposed-run (TC-ER) rating allows Silflex to be installed between a cable tray and equipment or devices without needing metal conduit and/or armor.


Mini, modular, rectangular connectors

Han 1A connector series from Harting have a miniature, modular, rectangular form factor with power, signal and data capabilities and snap-in mating. They need up to 30% less space than their next-smallest connector, Han 3A, and are made of chemical-resistant plastic to withstand rugged environments. They also feature Cat 5 and Cat 6a data transmission modules, and current and voltage ratings extending up 16 A and 400 V.

Allied Electronics & Automation

Slimmer, inline splicing connectors

Lever-actuated 221 Series inline splicing connector has a universal conductor connection for a visibly secure conductor contact, and comes with intuitive, orange levers for tool-free wiring for solid, stranded and fine-stranded 12-20 AWG conductors. Equipped with maintenance-free, spring-pressure Cage Clamp connections, 221 Series can use added adapters for multiple poles. Connection is also possible with a snap-in mounting foot, screw, adhesive, tie-on or suspended mounting on a 15 mm or 35 mm DIN rail.

800-DIN-RAIL (346-7245)

Plug-socket cordsets

M12PS-A4A4VFGY-5 plug-socket cordsets pair a cut-to-length cable with a circular, coded M12, four-pin, male, round connector that’s over-molded to provide protection up to IP69K waterproof. They have M12A coding for sensor connections, and can be used in two-wire, three-wire and power supply applications. The cordsets also feature oil-resistance, so they can be used as robotic cables; VW-1 flame retardancy; and -25 ~ 105 °C operating range. A space-saving, right-angle connector is also available.


RJ45 feed-through adapters

Panel feed-through adapters are rated from M12 X-Code IP67 to RJ45 IP20, which makes them robust and ideal for industrial automation and control equipment. They’re suitable per category 6A for data transmission up to 10 Gbits, and can lead from an IP67 environment to an IP20 environment. In addition, due to their complete metal shielding, these adapters can be used problem-free in difficult data transmission conditions.

Metz Connect USA

Pre-assembled cable carriers

To eliminate labor-intensive, onsite assembly, readychains pre-assembled cable carriers are a complete system that includes pre-harnessed cables, plugs, connectors and an energy chain. The energy chain guides and protects flexible cables and hoses that provide power and data, and are used in applications ranging from beverage dispensers to steelworks. Depending on the model selected, readychains can travel up to 1,400 meters at speeds of >10 m/s. They have an inner height from 32 mm to 80 mm.


Connectors, cables with isolated contacts

Micro-Fit+ connectors and cable assemblies from Molex (Newark SKU 77AH5484, Molex P/N 214753-1041) offer fully isolated contacts to prevent arcing, high current rating of 12.5A, and reduced mating force to lessen user fatigue. This connector system includes V-0 glow wire resin to meet European requirements, and headers are rated for full reflow capability up to 260 °C. Terminal position assurance is available as an accessory.


M12 power connectors for Profinet

M12 power L-code connectors from TE Connectivity are an extension of the present M12 IEC standard, and have been selected by the Profibus and Profinet International organization as the standard for 24 V power supply systems used with Profinet devices. M12 L-code cable assemblies handle up to 16 A per pin, delivering four times the power of standard M12 connectors, while providing reliable and efficient power in a compact size. Conductor sizes range from 1.5 mm2 up to 2.5 mm2.

Digi-Key Electronics

Quick-connect cable for AC/DC signals

MQ15 cables for AC/DC power and signals have three contacts that can carry up to 16 A at 600 VAC and two more that can carry signals at 10 A. An added pin at the center of each connector establishes a ground connection for added safety. MQ15's quick-connection technology saves up to 80% on installation time. MQ15 is suitable for asynchronous and three-phase motors up to 7.5 kW and is ideal for power distribution. Receptacles are also available, so users can install MQ15 on existing motors.

Murrelektronik Inc.

Low-capacitance, noise protection

RS-485 cables are the reference choice for automation systems, including Modbus, BACnet MS/TP, CANopen or DMX512 protocols. Their low capacitance and enhanced noise protection prevent distortion and errors, and allow extended reach and high performance under harsh conditions, as well as improving safety in case of fire. Features and benefits of the cables include that fact that they're designed for reliability and long-distance installation.


Multi-cable bushing, large clamping range

Skintop Multi-M round, multi-cable bushing system for high-density applications has up to 30 entry points, depending on Multi-M bushing version, to accept cables, wires, conduits and pneumatics and media conduits. These metric-style units offer a large, 4-mm clamping range per entry point compared to typically just 1 to 2 mm of competing products. They also feature a push-in, elastic-gel membrane seal that holds the cable in place, and operating temperatures of -30 °C to 100 °C with or without o-ring.

Lapp North America

Pocket-sized cable tester

LinkXpert cable testers include LinkXpert TP (twisted pair) for testing copper wiremaps, cable length, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and copper networks (1G). LinkXpert M3 for testing three media types (copper, fiber optics, Wi-Fi), including copper wiremaps, cable length, PoE, very low frequency (VLF) and active network testing (10G recognition). LinkXpert also has a toner function for locating cables. They also feature large, backlit displays that improve readability and ease of use, even in darker environments.

Softing AG

Push-in connectors, inline splicing

0229 Series push-in, compactly designed connectors are for inline splicing from wires to printed circuit boards (PCB) and from I/O wiring connections to controllers. Other configurations allow affixing the connector to a surface with screw flanges, self-locking tabs or lock-and-release levers. 0229 connectors work with wire sizes from 28AWG to 14AWG solid or stranded conductor. Contact surfaces are wide, ensuring reliable operation at up to 300V and 12A (UL). They're also UL 1059 and IEC 61984 compliant.

Dinkle International

Flexible cable-entry frames, inlays

KDSI-SR cable entry-system from the KDS series provide maximum flexibility due to their modular design, which consists of a one-piece frame, removable inlays and sealing elements. Cables and conduits of various sizes can be replaced at any time without disassembling the entire frame or removing plugs, while at the same time preserving the high IP66 ingress protection rating. KDS cable-entry systems let control cabinet builders pre-configure their products without knowing users’ exact cabling requirements.


Easy, onsite fiber-optic assembly

Fiber-optic and cabling solution combines Han-Compact industrial rectangular connector from Harting with industrial-rated LC Crimp and Cleave Solution from OFS to allow easy, in-field assembly of glass fiber-optics for industrial applications. This allows the optical and mechanical properties of HCS and graded-index HCS optical fibers to attach to the cable via mechanical means instead of traditional epoxy/polish methods. This results in an easy-to-terminate, reliable, fiber-optic cable assembly meeting industrial requirements.


IP65 cables go 90° with split-table flange

KEL-FG-ER routing cables use an integrated gasket in the cover to add IP65 protections to the KEL-FG series; employ a split-table flange enclosure to route cables at a 90° angle; and are suitable for cables with and without connectors. Cables with a diameter of 1 to 35 mm (icotek’s single-grommet KT 1-34) are routed, sealed to IP65, and provide strain relief in accordance with DIN EN 62444. They also have a flat seal for wall mounting, can be combined with IMAS-Connect grommet system for more cable-entry options.

Icotek Corp.

Field-wireable sensor plugs

MIN series size I field-wireable plugs from Mencom provide easy plug-and-play connectivity for a range of applications that require three to six contacts. They support 5-17 millimeter cables, and are rated for 600 V at 8, 12, 15 or 18 A. Users can choose from nickel-plated brass and stainless-steel coupling nut materials, with a polyamide body in a robust, field-ready design. All MIN series field-wireable sensor plugs are IP67-rated.


Twisted-pair, shielded copper cable

SPE shielded copper cable has 18/7 AWG stranded, tinned, copper conductors with foamed polyethylene (PE) insulation. The conductors are twisted in a pair and include two fillers. The pair is surrounded by an aluminum/polyester foil shield, a tinned, copper-braid shield, and includes a 24/7 AWG stranded, tinned, copper ground wire. SPE’s PVC jacket is oil-, UV- and abrasion-resistant for enhanced chemical resistance, mechanical performance and flame retardance (CM/CMR) in industrial applications.


Triaxial connectors, adapters, assemblies

Triaxial connectors, adaptors and cable assemblies are available with TRB, TRT and other interfaces. They include CryoCoax cryogenic cable assemblies for quantum computing, medical, research, test and measurement. These affordable, high-quality, high-frequency microwave cables include triaxial assemblies, semi-rigid, semi-flexible and cryogenic cables, as well as standard RG/LMR type products. They can be waterproofed to IP68 and include features, such as phase matching and ruggedized assemblies.

Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd.
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Data, power with single-pair Ethernet

Instead of two or four pairs of wires, Single-Pair Ethernet cables require just one pair of wires for transmitting data and power. Their simple design and associated reduction in weight, space requirements and installation costs offer many advantages in industrial environments. Single-Pair Ethernet also enables end-to-end, economical connections of large numbers of terminal devices in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) from sensors in the field to the cloud.


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