Harting, Hirose push infrastructure for single-pair Ethernet

April 15, 2019
System to include connectors, sockets, cables and cable sets.

Hirose Electric Co. Ltd. and  Harting Technology Group agreed April 4 to jointly develop, standardize and market a connection technology system for single-pair Ethernet (SPE), including connectors, sockets, cables and cable sets.

“Joint development in the area of single-pair Ethernet continues and consolidates the successful technology partnership of both companies,” says Kazunori Ishii, president of Hirose.

The duo’s partnership was initiated in 2016 when Hirose and Harting launched their ix Industrial interface. “The ix Industrial mating face has notched up great success in the interim, and is a popular interface for miniaturized applications for four-pair Ethernet,” adds Philip Harting, CEO of Harting.