Ethernet Direct Offers Industrial Ethernet E-learning

March 3, 2011
Ethernet Direct Offers Free Industrial Ethernet Online Learning Attracting Over Thousands of Industry Members

Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, offers comprehensive, automated and user-friendly E-learning about Industrial Ethernet. Just click and go to EDucational link to avail of FREE membership.

The EDUCATIONAL LINK offers the availability of information and offers a complete coverage of Industrial Ethernet related topics like Ethernet Term, Network Architectures and recommendations, Industrial Ethernet Software Tools and their value terms. All information are easily available via the WEB to make it easier for customers to do find what products they need, be able to easily configure the product they need and instantly obtain a product detail via the online E-learning. Many Fortune 100 and major companies are members of the Educational Link which is continuously a growing technical library with wealth of information about Industrial Ethernet.

Information available in the Educational Link Library

  • Ethernet Glossary & terms
  • Access to the Ethernet Reference Library - Terminology & Industrial application
  • Enhanced and simplified Product Information, Set Up, Applications
  • Training videos for clearer product or technology feature understanding
  • PowerPoint presentation about various topics
  • Issues facing Industrial Ethernet applications
  • Interactive ability to share your insights & feedbacks about what you would like to learn from Ethernet Direct