Trexon buys Intelliconnect to add RF and microwave connect products

Nov. 4, 2022
Intelliconnect will join Trexon’s Engineered Products portfolio

Trexon reported Oct. 5 that it’s acquired U.K.-based Intelliconnect, a supplier of radio frequency (RF) connectors, adapters and cable assemblies. It will join Trexon’s Engineered Products portfolio. Trexon, formerly TPC Wire & Cable Co., is a designer and provider of high-performance wire, cable, connectors, assemblies, and accessories used in harsh, high-cost-of-failure environments.

“The addition of Intelliconnect brings a customer-centric organization with a level of expertise and experience that aligns with the Trexon strategic vision of delivering application-specific solutions," says Mark Twaalfhoven, president, and CEO of Trexon. “Their innovation enables the development of critical technologies that support key megatrend drivers such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the application for quantum computing.”

Dr. Nildeep Patel, president of Trexon’s Engineered Products division adds, “Adding Intelliconnect to the Engineered Products portfolio builds on our current expertise in RF products designed for highly engineered systems for a range of applications. Their unique capability of combining high precision RF products performing at cryogenic temperatures adds yet another dimension to our already-proven RF technology range.”

Roy Phillips, Intelliconnect’s founder, adds, “After nearly 20 years of success and growth, we recognized that reaching the next level of excellence required Intelliconnect to be part of a bigger, financially strong group with the same aspirations, goals, and vision that we do. We’re confident that Trexon is the perfect partner. Their strong track record in acquiring good businesses and making them better whilst investing and supporting their existing teams is one of the key reasons that we chose them as our acquirer.”