Automation Trends for 2011

Feb. 7, 2011
Learn What Are Some of the Automation Trends that the ARC Advisory Group and Accenture Have Projected for 2011
  1. IntegrationofInformation
  2. Global MES Template
  3. Production Optimization
  4. Agribusiness Automation
  5. Cyber Security
  6. Operational Intelligence Centers Implementation

#1 The gatheringIntegrating information across disparate sources

  • Information is very disperse in a industrial environment
  • A range of IT systems from different suppliers implemented across the production processes and supply chain increases the risks in securing accurate information in a timely manner, increases inefficiencies and reduces response time. The accumulative result: An impact on costs and competitiveness.
  • Accenture believes business’ needs to make smarter investments, for business intelligence and analytics throughout the value chain will drive industrial IT integration to grow exponentially.
  • Accenture is working with mining, metals, CPG and manufacturing companies to integrate from ERP to Instrumentation across the whole supply chain.

#2 Not lost in translationStandardizing practices and templates globally

  • Successful mergers and acquisitions come with successful post-merger integration
  • Companies around the world are initiating programs to standardize ERP practices (ERP Global Template), dispersed MES implementations by different business units and operational functions, and varied supply chain management and production management processes
  • Accenture is responding to our clients’ need for standardization by providing consulting services for business models, MES Blueprint, supplier selection, and MES implementation. We are drawing on our assets and capabilities such as the Accenture High Performance Business Processes, developed for the different industries (mining, metals, utilities, etc.), to help

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