Operator Interface

ABB integrates Kepware communications platform across thousands of well sites

By Aaron Hurd

Jun 01, 2015

150601 Kepware ABB Scalability Well SitesABB integrates Kepware’s KEPServerEX communications platform to support its new coal seam gas project.

Using Kepware's control system with flexible data communication, ABB tailors the solution to meet its unique needs and take advantage of key features of the platform to supply a highly effective way of efficiently polling data. In order to overcome the difficulties involved in the rapidly expanding infrastructure, ABB made extensive use of the ability to import and export KEPServerEX configuration information in an easy-to-understand XML format.

“With KEPServerEX, we were able to automate a traditionally manual process associated with bringing wells online, and with this particular project’s expansion speed, we had no time physically to provision wells,” said Mike Oakley, Consultant Engineer, ABB Ltd. “KEPServerEX worked seamlessly with our flagship control system so that a single button click would have the potential to bring hundreds of wells on or off line in mere minutes.”

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