Invensys' Off-sites Software Suite 2.2

Invensys offers a DCS-independent off-sites and terminal operation solution that addresses inventory management and product blending - two of the key areas contributing to overall refinery performance improvements. Increased automation and operational performance reduces the cost of operation, while at the same time improves the safety compliance and business performance. Integration of the Off-sites Software suite with the company's SimSci-Esscor ROMeo software offers further optimization of refinery operations by providing accurate crude composition data as real-time input information from off-sites crude feedstock inventory and blending operations.

Key capabilities:

  • Accurate tank inventory, order and  movement management;
  • Off-line blend setup, validation, pre-blend and online optimization;
  • Automated and precise tank emissions monitoring and reporting;
  • Quality analysis, analyzer management and validation to address operational quality procedures, such as EPA 40CFR80 requirements;
  • Integration with SimSci-Esscor ROMeo process optimization software.
Product Type:
Process Control
Invensys Operations Management