NWA Focus EMI Provides Complete Data Source Integration

NWA Focus EMI is a new enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) solution that provides complete data source integration and real-time process analytics and visibility. The solution’s two modules, KnowledgeBase and Collaboration, greatly improve a user’s ability to accumulate and disseminate knowledge across the entire enterprise and collaborate across geographically dispersed manufacturing operations. The system-wide KnowledgeBase module consolidates process, quality and problem-solving knowledge in a single, discoverable database, supporting shared knowledge and best practices. The cloud-based Collaboration module quickly mobilizes expertise and experience across the enterprise to solve critical production issues. Asynchronous communication integrates text, graphics, pictures, documents and video to seamlessly share important, complex information. This ensures the right people have the right information and context to solve the most pressing manufacturing issues quickly, saving time, money and resources.
Product Type:
Process Control
Northwest Analytics