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Emerging technologies rely on standards

Inside the development of the metaverse, bio-digital convergence, quantum technologies and AI ecosystems
Scada Evolution Changing To Meet New Challenges

SCADA evolution: Changing to meet new challenges

Fifth-generation systems are the largest SCADA transition yet
Process Industries Seek Shop Floor To Top Floor Connections

Process industries seek shop-floor-to-top-floor connections

With many plants embracing Industry 4.0, the technology pieces are being put into place to help achieve a top-down approach to production planning.
Cybersecurity Is No Longer Optional

Cybersecurity is no longer optional

The cyber-attack on the Colonial Pipeline on May 7, 2021, was to regulators what Stuxnet—the world’s first “cyber weapon” developed to disable Iran’s nuclear program—was to cybersecurit...
Wireless systems are well suited for a plethora of industrial monitoring applications that can keep operations up and running and safe. Source: Shutterstock

Environmental monitoring: a wireless ‘sweet spot’

Understand the impact of your activities and how they affect long-term operations